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Last update date May 27, 2020

Reference is service helping with matter for inquiry and search for materials, information using information about library.
"Is there information about ○○?" We accept consultation "we are checking ○○, but is there material serving as a reference?".

In the case of visit, ask at library counter. We accept even telephone, letter, E-mail.
*But we may not answer answer of homework and quiz, medical care, health, legal advice.
In that case, we do help in search of material becoming clue.
*Available person: Working, attendance at school living in Yokohama-shi.
*At first, please consult with local library to live about city outside.
But we accept question about material which only Yokohama connection or Yokohama City Library possesses from city outside.

Reference over telephone
045-262-0050 (Chuo-toshokan)

Reference in letter
〒220-0032 1, Oimatsucho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
Municipal Central Library investigation Documentation Section

Reference by E-mail
By this electronic application, we accept application for reference.

*As for the inquiry except reference, please see "inquiry".

Reference casebook

We introduce example from question put to library.
In addition, in consideration for privacy of questioner, we edit contents.

Yokohama City Library online catalog page "reference search"

From Yokohama City Library online catalog page, we can search reference example.

National Diet Library "reference cooperation database"

Reference cooperation database is business that National Diet Library carries out for the purpose of what support reference service in libraries and research activity of general user by accumulating National Diet Library and reference example in public library, university library, special library, and providing through the Internet.
*When list of Municipal Central Library offer examples (new order of registration) clicks National Diet Library "reference cooperation database (list of Municipal Central Library offer examples)" (the outside site), it is shown.
*As well as example of Municipal Central Library, we can search reference example of libraries of the whole country.

Tool to look for materials and information

Chousa no Mikata (materials, information to be useful for note)

We publish list of information which it is hard to look for in list of books, online catalog according to hint and theme about way of checking to be helpful when we perform study.

Note convenience collection of links

When we performed study, we raised convenient sites.

Inquiry to this page

Board of Education Secretariat Chuo-toshokan investigation Documentation Section

Telephone: 045-262-7336

Telephone: 045-262-7336

Fax: 045-262-0054

E-Mail address [email protected]

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