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We look for magazine article

Last update date February 22, 2019

When we look for article and article, some procedures are different from method in search of book. Which "we do not know where the desired article is" "wants article and article about ○○", and please look for in order of next in such a case.


In search of STEP1 article, article, we identify collecting magazine
We look for magazine which we identified in STEP2 1
Read STEP3 article, borrow, copy
We collect information of STEP4 plus α (alpha)

We look for which magazine desired article appears in. It is point that tool to check by thing that theme is scientific or non-scientific thing is different. At this point, we will check title and number of publication magazine, the publication date mainly. If article that we want to read is found, please put down publication magazine name, publishing company, winding (date of issue), pages, article name, writer.

National Diet Library NDL ONLINE (magazine article index) (the outside site)
From friendship magazine published in the country after 1948 (Showa 23), magazine which National Diet Library chose applies mainly. We cannot search articles such as overseas English magazines. We limited to learned journal, but business magazine or general weekly, business magazine became targeted for collecting once from the mid-90s, too.
In search of article of CiNii Articles (saini-atikuruzu) Japan (the outside site)
We can search treatise information such as magazine article index databases of association of study publication, university study bulletin, National Diet Library. We can read the text partly. National information science research institute administration.
J-STAGE (Jay stage) technology information dispatch, distribution synthesis system (the outside site)
Mainly on technology e-journal about information, we can search collection of official journal of a scientific society, proceeding, points, report.
Google Scholar (Google scalar) (the outside site)
We can search manuscript of a treatise in treatise and university bulletin, lecture released on the net, and the text whole sentence may be available free. CiNii, data of J-STAGE are offered, but even which site recommends that search as individuality is to mechanism of search each.
"Web OYA-bunko (uebuoyabunko)" (magazine article index search database of Soichi Oya library) (can use at exclusive terminal of Yokohama City Library all the buildings)
Collecting of popularity including from Meiji to the present age particularly weekly, women's magazine is abundant. Classification searches such as person's name or occupation genre are possible and, other than search by keyword, can narrow down article from types of article such as interview, talk, the gravure, book review. List of book is available until 1995, too.
"Soichi Oya library magazine article index complete catalog" (the outside site)
Soichi Oya library Kinokuniya
We are divided into title and person's name. Collecting range is Meiji - 1995.

In addition

"Magazine Web (ichushiuebu) (domestic medical article information database) in medicine" (can use at exclusive terminal of Chuo-toshokan)
We can search specialized magazine which medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, official journal of a scientific society which academic conferences such as nursing science issue and medical system publishing company issue, bulletin which universities issue, memoir which public institutions such as Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare issue, publication information of article.
Institute for Hosei University Ohara social problem online catalog (the outside site)
We can search society, documents about labor problem which research institute possesses.
"EL-NET" (EL (Japan) net) (can use at exclusive terminal of Chuo-toshokan)
We can search about 250 magazines from 1988.
"bunzo (working elephant) II visual" (the Asahi Shimbun online article database) (can use at exclusive terminal of Yokohama City Library all the buildings)
We can search AERA (article from the first issue of May 24, 1988 issuance), weekly Asahi (news peg from April, 2000).
River Kita memory movie culture foundation database (the outside site)
We can search features of magazine which foundation owns about movie.

Then, we look for possession organization of publication magazine. We will look for from library nearby.

Yokohama City Library online catalog (the outside site)
We check the possession situation in Yokohama City Library. In advanced search, please choose "magazine" among material choice.
Crossing searches (the outside site) such as public libraries in Kanagawa
Crossing searches such as public library in Kanagawa, some university libraries are possible.
Public library purchase continuation magazine, newspaper union catalog (the outside site) in Kanagawa
We can confirm magazine possessing in library in Kanagawa in this page. But thing continuing acceptance is best now.
CiNii Books (saini-bukkusu) (the outside site)
Possession such as university libraries of the whole country is checked.

When there is magazine you are looking for in Yokohama City Library or library in Kanagawa, we can order except a part. When it is to library and university, engine of other local governments, magazine and copy of article may be ordered (pay). In addition, depending on engine, we issue necessary letter of introduction when you use facility. Please consult about all.

(1) We collect information of author.

research map (research map) (the outside site)
We can question Japanese researchers playing an active part now from research field and belonging organization. We can confirm study theme, study achievements (article, commentary), writing, contact information.
"The contemporary Japanese writer serious matter celebration fifth" (the outside site)
All three Junichiro Kida others/edition Nichigai Associates 2015
It is person introductions such as occupation, title, specialized field, contact information of 5,000 writers representing the present age, list of representative writing of magazine, book.

(2) We collect special feature, table of contents information.

"Japanese magazine complete table of contents handbook" (the outside site)
Four publication until Nichigai Associates 2013
We can check which issue of Japanese magazine after the Meiji era complete table of contents, general index appears in.
"Meiji, Taisho, magazine article index collection in the first half of the Showa era" (the outside site)
Hiroshi Ishiyama/[others] edition Akira star company
It is magazine article index to check academic journal magazine of the Meiji Taisho period which is not checked at NDL-OPAC and Soichi Oya library. It is all 120 books the humanities, social science in addition. We can read writer search and complete table of contents on homepage of Akira star company.
Akira star company data be (the outside site)

Depending on magazine, there is the following case, too.

  • Issuance of magazine company publishes table of contents on HP.
  • Complete table of contents is published in magazine. (often published in end of year and the year mainly)
Tokyo Metropolitan library online catalog (the outside site)
As there is thing that information, "there is "there is complete table of contents" in complete table of contents publication" is displayed by search results, it is convenient to identify table of contents publication.
Newspaper (the outside site) of magazine
We can search article of target magazine released for latest three weeks. Target magazine is 21 including general weekly and business magazine.
※In Municipal Central Library, we help with your research, solution to the problem. Please refer by each floor counter, telephone, E-mail casually.

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