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Last update date September 4, 2018

Genealogy is table which wrote ancestors successive system. When we study system of historical person, genealogy is helpful as "figure of relationships". We check alliance between families by checking relations of relative by marriage and adopted child, and generation can confirm relations from parent-child relationship and the straight year of a person's death.
On the other hand, he/she may think that we want to question own family. We introduce book which is helpful in such a case from book possessing in Chuo-toshokan.

November, 2009 making

Table of contents

1 Material to know something with genealogy
2 Manual of Japanese history
3 Collection of main genealogies
4 We investigate own origin
5 We check the origin of family name

"Genealogy documents material conspectus" (the outside site)
Reference 288.0 the fifth-floor for enlargement revision Koichi Maruyama/edition Ryokuin bookshop 1,992 years
We comment on historical materials and encyclopedia, library to check family name and family coat of arms, history of our country including genealogy widely. Genealogy in particular and information about family attract not only book published before 1979 but also magazine articles.
It is all four volumes "basic knowledge of genealogy study" (the outside site)
Reference 288.2 the fifth-floor for Kondo publication 1,989-90 years
We ride sleeve notes of lineage groups and hereditary titles of main person in history to be able to read from explanation and there of genealogy material from the ancient times. Vol. 4 in particular explains commentary of historical materials about genealogies from the Middle Ages to the present age and current genealogy study circumstances, own family's way of checking.
"Japanese history many houses genealogy biographical dictionary" (the outside site)
Reference 288.1 the fifth-floor for Tetsuo Owada/[others] edition Kodansha 2,003 years
From the ancient times to the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji Restoration, we record family name 401 of powerful family, court noble, samurai family which changed Japanese history. Other than genealogy and commentary, family coat of arms, we introduce the main types of job about about 8,800 people whom achievements are left for on the documents in the times when we played an active part on the straight year of a person's death.
"The genealogy conspectus in Japan" (the outside site)
Reference 288.2 the fifth-floor for Shoichi Hioki/work famous book publication society 1,973 years
It is reproduction of "the Japanese genealogy exhaustive bibliography" published in 1936 by remodeling company. We collected genealogy of accomplishments, various fashions group such as people, incense smelling and linked poem, calligraphy, Noh, Go other than genealogy of the Imperial Family and many houses and gathered up to one book.
There is Kodansha arts and sciences library version (the outside site), too.
"Family, genealogy serious matter celebration in Japan" (the outside site)
Reference 288.2 the fifth-floor for Takayuki Okutomi/work Tokyo temple publication 2,008 years
We chose surname 1,318 items to be known on the Japanese history and settled the origin and the historic change. We comment on term about family name and the name as "family name, surname, the name historical sketch" on the first page.

Genealogy investigation is one of the person investigations. It is important to know system of the times that the person lived in if that is historical person. In addition, it helps to understand achievements of the person when there is list of each generation of post, government official which the person appointed. We introduce manual of Japanese history to be useful for genealogy investigation here.

"Detailed pivot in the reading history" (the outside site)
The University of Tokyo historical materials editing place/work Kodansha 1966 library
It is reproduction of manual of Japanese history with reputation published in 1933. It is genealogy-related and rides kammatsurigotojushushokafu (later description) government official name index and study, martial arts, genealogy of art.
It is all six volumes, supplement 3 "Japanese history conspectus" (the outside site)
The fifth floor of Takashi Imai/[others] edition new face thing traffic company reference 210.0
It is manual published for the purpose of generalizing "the pivot detailed in the reading history" and "history of reading conspectus" published afterwards. It is organized according to the generations from the ancient times to modern times.
"Japanese history is indispensable" (the outside site)
Reference 210.0 the fifth-floor for Hirofumi Kikkawa building editorial department/edition Hirofumi Kikkawa building 2,006 years
We sell the Edo era from the ancient times. "Modern history is indispensable", and, after the Meiji era, there is de handling until 2006 (Heisei 18).

We introduce collection of representative genealogies edited in our country here. One of the motives that genealogy is edited is because dynasty of time proves legitimacy of their governments. Own family led to noble lineage including the royalty and spelled genealogy to express that system of above all own father, grandfather was this family line of the whole families.

1 son*fun*nankitacho - Muromachi era

Court noble, Kinsada Toin of the north and south morning service charges plans and is done with basic information about genealogy study with collection of big genealogies of finished private anthology as business of the whole families. This book attracts genealogies of bibliography transmission abundantly and arranges originally and we further refer notes written in, note and record personal evidence. Establishment is thought to be around 1400, but thing that revision was accomplished has been handed down afterwards.

58-60 "history of nation outline" (the outside site), the fifth floor of the supplementary volume 2 Hirofumi Kikkawa building 210.0

2 keizusanyonariritsu around 1860

It is the Imperial Family, the genealogy collected studies of court noble, samurai family, Buddhism edited in last years of Edo era. It is said that it was completed by editing of Tadahiko Iida in 1857 (Ansei 4). Not only the genealogy of the present head of a household but also children publish in the genealogy of court noble. Three kinds of family name index, meiiminasakuhiki, posthumous Buddhist name, title index are in index.

"keizusanyo" reference book 288.2 (the outside site) the fifth-floor for all 15 books, supplementary volume 3 famous book publication 1,973 years

Genealogy of samurai family of 3 Edo era

kammatsurigotojushushokafunariritsu 1812

It was edited as zokushu of "Kanei era many houses genealogy biography" (the outside site) (1643 establishment) by the Edo Shogunate. It is said in particular that article after the Edo Shogunate establishment is accurate. As the Tokugawas, three branch families of the Tokugawa house, description of Lord kitchen work are omitted, attention is necessary.

It is the fifth floor of all 22 volumes, index 4 group books collection by categories completion society reference 288.2 sequel to (the outside site) "kammatsurigotojushushokafu"

dankafunariritsu 1809

We pick up about person of person more than 880 of direct retainer of the shogun younger than daimyo who died out for about 200 years until the culture year from Keicho.

"dankafu" (the outside site) reference 288.2 the fifth-floor for all three books group book collection by categories completion society 1,969 years sequel to

Samurai music establishment 1835

It is the genealogy of less than 10,000 shogun's retainers. We sell time from the beginning to 1650 of the Tokugawas. It was business that Masaatsu Hotta engaged in hensansan of kammatsurigotojushushokafu had begun to intend to leave record of direct feudatory of a shogun various people. The feature is that we clarify the source. All 235 volumes.

The "Cabinet Library possession history book grass" (the outside site) 57-64 kyukoshoin 1986 photolithoprint library

It is person of direct feudatory of a shogun encyclopedia 1,996-97 years after generous politics music

It is material which dealt with kammatsurigotofujushushokafuiko, shogun's retainer until 1868. In form to make "Edo Shogunate direct feudatory of a shogun person's name encyclopedia" (the outside site) original text, we write "shomukijimentorichosho" (the outside site), "Edo shogun's retainer person's name encyclopedia" (the outside site), descriptions of "shogun letter of appointment" (the outside site) jointly.

It is all six Orient place abounding in books the fifth floor reference 281.0 "person of direct feudatory of a shogun encyclopedia after generous politics music" (the outside site)

The genealogy "family lore" of court noble edited in 4 Edo era "family lore under the ground"

kammatsurigotojushushokafunariritsu 1812

"Family lore" This delivered the genealogy of Dogami many houses (house where Noboru was forgiven) until the late Tokugawa period to family status order from the ancient times. "Family lore under the ground" displays courtiers of basements (lower than fourth place that Noboru is not forgiven) from the ancient times to 1852 (Kaei 5) by age order together with house, and there is index particularly.

"Family lore" (the outside site) complete series of all three reproduction Japan classics modern trend of thought company 1978 library
It is library "family lore under the ground" (the outside site) in complete series of all five reproduction Japan classics modern trend of thought company 1978

After 5 Meiji era

Genealogy led by ex-peer starting from last years of Edo era is published.

"Heisei new compilation ex-peer family completion" (the outside site) top and bottom haze hall nobility family completion cutting Committee/editing haze hall 1996 library
The "financial world family music broad perspective" (the outside site) fifth edition modern celebrity family publication society 1982 library
Association of "modern nobility music pivot" (the outside site) Japan history book/edition University of Tokyo Press 1976 library

The reason why oneself was born is that hitting came to ancestors including parents. When we check what kind of your ancestors person it was, there is limit with information about library. Material which method to question your ancestors was written is number of Chuo-toshokan the fifth floor label: It is in 288.2, but thing published in late years has the next material.

"Book (the outside site) to understand so that how to make family trees is interesting"
288.2 the fifth-floor for Motoji Niwa/work new face thing traffic company 2,009 years
Author was master of family name study of our country. We speak method to follow ancestors based on experience of longtime fieldwork. At first, one of visit to a grave is pet theory of author to question ancestors.
"We read and solve family register and mend family tree" (the outside site)
288.2 the fifth-floor for Kiyoshi Shimizu/work Japan laws and ordinances 2,009 years
When we check own parent and grandparents, at first, we check family register. The change of family registry system explains reading how to get six kinds of family register with this book in detail after way, the Meiji era of request for family register.

Japanese majority was not allowed to give surname publicly in the Edo era. Japanese were required to give surname by large politicians and bureaucrats ordinance of 1875, so-called "heiminnaeji*shorei". Therefore we would think about surname newly and produced confusion, but, on the other hand, there seems to have been example which gave its surname before the Edo era again. It is said that the number of surnames of Japan is 300,000 now.

It is all three volumes "family name family Dictionary" (the outside site)
Reference 288.1 the fifth-floor for Akira Ota/work Kadokawa Shoten 1,979 years
We collect surnames before the Meiji era from the ancient times and are dictionary which commented on the origin, distribution. Item is appointed as the order of the kana syllabary of reading about sequence, flow according to the same family name. Introduction based on ancient writings documents is done, and genealogy and family coat of arms appear depending on item, too.
"Surname family serious matter celebration in Japan" (the outside site)
Reference 288.1 the fifth-floor for Hiroshi Morioka/work Tokyo temple publication 2,002 years
For surname 60,000 that existed Heian last years later, we introduce origin and the birthplace, distribution. The Imperial Family, ladies and gentlemen genealogy and surname of at each prefecture best 30 appear in the end of a volume.
"Family name family history legend serious matter celebration" (the outside site)
Reference 288.1 the fifth-floor for Kunihiro Shimura/hembemmakotodeban 2,003 years
About Japanese main surname about 4,000, we list items such as origin, the genealogy, distribution, family coat of arms, history, legend, person and arrange in the order of the kana syllabary of reading.

In Chuo-toshokan, we help with your research, solution to the problem.
Please refer by each floor counter, telephone, E-mail casually.

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