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We look for score

Last update date April 10, 2019

With score, we wrote down musical work in constant musical notation.
We introduce how to look for score and main score information about popular song, nursery rhyme, folk song to possess in Chuo-toshokan.

We look for score in 1 online catalog

When we input the following item, and search by advanced search screen of Yokohama City Library online catalog ( (outside site)), we can check material which score is recorded in.

"All items" → Title of a musical composition ※・Keywords (e.g.,: "dumpling 3 brothers") such as person of composition, player, Opus
"Theme" → Score

※There is material which does not register individual title of a musical composition. In this case even if search by title of a musical composition, we do not make a hit.

When score is not found in online catalog, "you look for score on 2 Internet" or please refer to counter.

We look for score on 2 Internet

We introduce following two as website that can search score on the Internet.

We identify title of material which score is included in by person of title of a musical composition, composition, player and can check the possession situation of library in Yokohama City Library online catalog.

We can search most that "we look for score with 3 materials" and introduce on this website.

Score net (the outside site)

Score navigator (the outside site)

We look for score with 3 materials

(1) Popular song

Oh, it is popular song score of the whole tone

It is score of popular song going out of the whole tone score publishing company. Only in melody music, there are the introduction, interlude, postlude, obligato (counterpoint), cord. We are doing saifu faithfully, but we consider song iyasusao, and there is music that transposition is doing in cho with a few # and ♭ from record, CD.

The "tomorrow's hit melody" (monthly publication) whole tone score publication
We record the most new song of enka ballad, popular song. Other than with all songs song advice, corners such as "karaoke club" which can sing new song by instruction that "enka ballad is plain with harmonica", and is polite to be able to enjoy with enka ballad in solo of harmonica "solo guitar masterpiece choice" that hit splits open in tab music are enhancement. There is "B side corner" that collected coupling music. List of collecting programs for the previous year is published in January issue.

The whole tone score publishes "the complete series of whole tone popular song" (issued annually)
It is historical series issued once a year from 1950. We record hit of the year. 1-43 volumes have general index.

"Collection of whole tone popular song perfection" 1-10 whole tone score publication
About popular song until from 1884 to 2011, we collect in chronological order. Supplementary volume includes general index to 1-8. If it is famous music, at first, search by these complete works.

It is lower Asano pure/edition whole tone score publishing company in "all of popular songs"
In the top, bottom collects music after 1989 music of Showa. Only the second volume goes through version and adds collecting music.
There is "all of popular songs libretto, too".

It is lower Hiroyasu Suzue/edition whole tone score publishing company in "songs 1001 it goes down all of talk songs"
Only the second volume goes through version and adds collecting music.

Collection of collection of i  "Japan nouta" first - ninth wild rose company

We collect the lyrics, melody music such as popular song, popular songs from 1868 to 2010. Only Vol. 1 (Meiji, Taisho) is with tablature. There is title of a musical composition index.

The u emotional song complete works

In addition to melody, the lyrics, the feature is that piano accompaniment music is attached. In addition, there is commentary in the lower score and can know backgrounds of music.

"Japanese emotional song complete works" 1-4 Gyoji Osada/edition Doremi Music Publishing
We begin to sing title of a musical composition index, and there is index. We collect nursery rhyme, song, popular song, J pops widely.

"World emotional song complete works" 1-3 Gyoji Osada/edition Doremi Music Publishing
The lyrics list both original words and Japanese translation. From aria, song, folk song, popular song, movie theme song of opera, we record music got close to many people.

Oh, it is  "monthly publication Piano" YAMAHA music entertainment Holdings

With magazine of publication, we collect piano music of new music every month.

(2) Nursery rhyme, song, nursery rhyme

"Complete series of nursery rhyme song masterpiece" 1-8, sequel, separate volume Torazo Tamura et al. edition famous book publication
It is recreation (we publish former version in 1931-1932) of collection of score which recorded nursery rhyme, song, about 1,500 pieces of war songs until the early period of Meiji - Showa. We collect melody, the lyrics, piano accompaniment music. Separate volumes include all nine title of a musical composition indexes, first part of a song indexes, name indexes, sleeve notes.

"Complete series of Japanese nursery rhyme song" Akira Ashiba/edition Doremi Music Publishing
We record melody, the lyrics of song, about 300 pieces of nursery rhyme from to Meiji - Showa period, piano accompaniment music. There are the first part of a song index, commentary of each music.

All 39 "Japanese nursery rhyme complete works" Yanagihara Bookstore
In nursery rhyme that has been handed down in various parts of Japan, we record 10,000 pieces or more sung early in Meiji, Taisho, the Showa era for each metropolis and districts. We collect the lyrics, melody music, and there are commentaries such as phrase of nursery rhyme, the game method, related folk or history. There is all three representative "Japanese nursery rhyme" (Yanagihara Bookstore) which settled 654 pieces for each metropolis and districts.

(3) Folk song

"Japanese folk song broad perspective" Japanese Broadcasting Corporation/edition Japan broadcast publication association
Each winding title: Kanto edition, Tohoku edition, the central part (Hokuriku) edition, the central part (Tokai, the Central Highlands) edition, China, Kinki edition, Shikoku edition, North Kyushu edition, South Kyushu, Hokkaido edition, Yaeyama Islands edition, Miyako Islands edition
It is collection of score which recorded the lyrics, melody, commentary in folk song of each places of the whole country for each area. We comment on climate and characteristic every metropolis and districts. Index is in separate volume.

The "complete series of Japanese folk song" 1-5 Yuzankaku publication
We collect melody, the lyrics, sleeve notes. Some music records samisen, shakuhachi music.

(4) Others

"Complete series of forming anew world large music vocal music" 1-40 Ongaku no tomo sha corp. 1989-1994
About solo work of vocal music, we collect according to composer and genres. With piano accompaniment, lyrics, there is commentary of each work in the end of a volume. In the case of foreign music, there is literal translation in phonetic symbol, the end of a volume for original words.

"Chanson best collection" 1.2 whole tone score publishing company
We collect about 230 pieces of melody music. The lyrics list original words and both Japanese.

"Canzone masterpiece album" 1.2 Yushi Matsuyama/compilation Doremi Music Publishing
We collect about 70 pieces of score (belonging to piano accompaniment). The lyrics list original words and both Japanese.

"All of standard jazz" 1.2 Keiji Takashima/edition whole tone score publishing company
We collect about 800 pieces of melody music. The lyrics list only original words.

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