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We know dementia

Last update date September 3, 2018

Dementia is not specific disease, and it is expected that numbers of patient will increase with generic name of symptom to emerge from various causes in future. It is economical, and very big burden suffers from not only the person that body is undermined when it develops but also family to care for mentally. In addition, opinion is exchanged widely how society should affect for reduction of burden on family. Book, literary work that we wrote voice of the person concerned and social influence introduce including book written about dementia from medical standpoint by this list widely. Please make use to deepen knowledge about dementia.

December 13, 2016 making

Table of contents

1 With dementia some ..., at first, from here
2 We know feeling of the person concerned (the person, family)
3 Dementia as social problem
4 Structure, system to support in the whole society
5 Dementia, care to see in fiction

For symptom of dementia, there is symptom that loitering, delusion, people whom the circumference including verbal abuse cares for feel in burden in particular other than symptom that forgetfulness, time and place lose. We gathered cause and progress of these symptoms, actions to be taken for that, books written widely including organization where we could talk with.

Dementia 2016 (weekly morning sun MOOK) that all understands (the outside site)
Asahi Shimbun publication 2016 NDC: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-02-277518-4
We comment on diagnosis, treatment by plain words from the prevention about dementia. Other than prophylaxis and state of therapeutic drug development born right now, we introduce meetings of dementia cafe and the person concerned.
We learn dementia anything from counselor's office patient and family (the outside site)
National Geriatrics and Gerontology research center/edition Akitaka Takeda/edition Satoshi Seike/edition Kenji Toba/supervision young tuna Cal view company 2014 NDC: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-7583-0487-0
The prevention explains the way of each state and correspondence including the end period in Q&A format for stage of symptom.
Commentary (the outside site) clearly visual for encyclopedia 4 University dementia of dementia to all understand
Kazuhiko Kono/supervision Narumi temple publication 2016 NDC: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-415-32134-9
Four major dementia (mainly on Alzheimer's dementia, Levy small figure dementia, maegashira temporal lobe degeneration, multiinfarct dementia, medical standpoint explains in all pages, color illustration.that 90% of patients with dementia is classified in
The rich experience-based world (the outside site) of liberation old man dementia
Susumu Nomura/work Kodansha 2015 NDC: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-06-216425-2
It is record that collected data on mental hospital in Nanyo-shi, Yamagata for five years. We focus on one patient in Chapter 1 and, through process before dementia developing from breeding, how to spend in facility, think about meaning in the life of illness called dementia.

[column] Q&A of dementia

Q: Will dementia have method to delay aggravation of symptom?
A: Not only progress is suppressed if we can discover at stage of MCI (slight), but also improvement is seen. It is said that we can suppress mechanism to develop in dementia from the latest study in lifestyle. (references)

We are still in time! This healthy library illustration version to check for dementia prevention mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to begin right now (the outside site)
Takashi Asada/supervision Kodansha 2014 NDC: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-06-259788-3
Activity care (the outside site) to suppress the prevention and progression of dementia
Mitsuko Watanabe/compilation S sea eye 2014 NDC: 369.26 ISBN: 978-4 - 908017-01-8
We can prevent dementia by early detection (the outside site)
Yoshinori Aoyagi/work Bungeishunju Ltd. 2016 NDC: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-16-390448-1

What do people engaged in the person concerned and care of dementia spend thinking every day? Early person of dementia appeals to want you to know oneself well. In this way, when we go so far and can live if he/she does it this way. In addition, we have a hard time, and what will person engaged in care feel that it is hot in at what kind of time? We collected books which could snuggle up to feeling of the person concerned.

Whom do I become? The world (the outside site) that we looked at from person with Alzheimer's disease
Christine Borden/work Yoko Higaki/reason kurieitsu kamogawakamogawa publication 2003 NDC: 493.7 ISBN: 978-4 - 902244-10-6
Author who was Australian bureaucrat has a diagnosis of dementia, and it is written what we experienced with process that retires, and would undergo medical treatment at home and progress of symptom. We spell that we want ji, there not being, current feeling and neighboring people who can do it from position of the person concerned to do. It is (the outside site) by sequel "dementia and dance that I become me".
What I who suffered from dementia want to convey (the outside site)
Masahiko Sato/giganticness moon bookstore 2014 NDC: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-272-36082-6
Author of former system engineer who had a diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia is doing activity to send opinion from position of the person concerned now at the age of 51. It is one which wants to lose anxiety and prejudice about dementia through talking about state, and was written of the current life again until we quit work after feeling that physical condition is strange.
[Web] Masahiko Sato official homepage (the outside site)
We cannot become senile! 62 years old reporter dementia early treatment substance omen reportage (the outside site)
Tomofumi Yamamoto/work Asahi Shimbun publication 2014 NDC: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-02-331355-2
Author who was reporter of Asahi Shimbun having felt abnormality in brain at the age of 61 years old. Light dementia is diagnosed and is record of 300 days when we challenged dementia early treatment. Sequel to "dementia stopped? Fruit experience-based reportage cannot become dim, and there is (the outside site), too.
200 episodes of dementia (the outside site) by the talk person and family
Talk D pecks Japan/edition Japan Nursing Association publication society 2016 NDC of health and illness: 493.75 ISBN: 978-4-8180-1980-5
To person wanting to know dementia as more realistic "true experience" not only as simple disease. It is book which attracted actual voices of patient and family. We can see video of each talk when we shade QR code with smartphones.
[Web] Talk D pecks Japan (the outside site) of health and illness

As a result of loitering that is one of the symptoms of dementia, we are missing without being able to come home and we are hit by train and die, and problem that compensation for damages is demanded from the bereaved from railroad company occurs. In addition, as a result of having quitted work to care for family of dementia, it is taking place that not only income disappears, but also connection with society breaks off. Such a problem approaches rising scenery.

As dementia and protracted-life society smile (Kodansha modern new book) (the outside site)
Shinano Mainichi Shimbun press pool/work Kodansha 2010 NDC: 369.26 ISBN: 978-4-06-288079-4
We compiled report (note) of the same name published serially in Shinano Mainichi Shimbun. In quest of various facilities in Nagano, we report problem that society faces.
Suffering (the outside site) of the life, family lost shock of dementia, 10,000 missing people
NHK "dementia, missing person 10,000" press pool/work illusion winter building 2015 NDC: 369.26 ISBN: 978-4-344-02777-0
Symptom called "loitering" that is one of the symptoms of dementia. People who disappear before people notice, and are missing in neighborhood are one year in 2012, and 10,000, people who are found dead with being missing reach 550. It is record of investigation that worked on this problem.
Care drifting dementia accident and family (the outside site) who cannot support
Michihiro Yamaguchi/compilation modern book building 2016 NDC: 598.4 ISBN: 978-4-7684-3547-2
The Supreme Court judgment about compensation that JR Central demanded from the bereaved in accident causing injury or death of patients with dementia that occurred in Aichi in 2007 appeared in March, 2016. Including this judgment, it is one which we investigated about problem and problems strictly of the current dementia care.
Care, and do not lose employment, do not let do (the outside site)
Mie Waki/work Mainichi Shimbun publication 2016 NDC: 366.7 ISBN: 978-4-620-32381-7
Is there belief to but quit work if in a position to care for family? From experience that keenly realized importance to care for while author having experience that cares, and ever lost employment works, care initiates into wisdom and skill not to let you do not to lose employment.
[Web] Care quitting a job preventive measures promotion mechanism (the outside site)

The Long-term Care Insurance and adult guardianship system are said to be two wheels supporting the person concerned of care. We introduce book suggesting what kind of solution there is to problem that person in confrontation with care has. In addition, as well as system and facility, there are person with dementia and movement to support family in the whole society. When we saw person thought to be dementia in town, there is surely that you can do it.

It is already limit! Book (the outside site) to read when we care for family of dementia
National company 2015 NDC free to do the Shigeyuki Takamuro/supervision: 369.26 ISBN: 978-4-426-11936-2
Through various examples including living together, long distance, facility, we understand point of dementia care well. It supports revised The Long-term Care Insurance in 2015. Of the series "is already limit! There is book (the outside site) to read when we think about facility care.
Selection of nursing facility Q&A (the outside site) in the case of emergency
Haruki Miyoshi/work Kodansha 2015 NDC: 369.26 ISBN: 978-4-06-282469-9
From basics such as type or characteristic of nursing facility to good caring facility's way of looking, author for post of care experience 40 years answers your question in Q&A format.
We are reliable in adult guardianship this first! We show knowledge of guardian understanding this (the outside site)
Adult guardianship center legal support/compilation Japan addition and exclusion publication 2015 NDC: 324.65 ISBN: 978-4-8178-4235-0
For dementia and other mental disorders, we protect person that ability to judge by oneself is insufficient through property management and the history custody, and adult guardianship system is system to support. We will explain method of summary and procedure for system, duty of guardian targeting at people becoming guardian with this book from now on.
[Web] Ministry of Justice adult guardianship system (the outside site)
The Yokohama-shi dementia supporter training course fifth edition (the outside site)
It is NDC town corner care collaboration business/edition for kan 2,012 years: 369.26
We devised "dementia measure promotion broad strategic view" (under an alias: newly orange plan) to aim for Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare increasing "dementia supporters" who were supporter who watched person with dementia to live in area and the family to 8 million by 2017. This is text of the supporter training course in Yokohama-shi.
[Web] Dementia supporter caravan (the outside site)
[Web] Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, dementia measure promotion broad strategic view (new orange plan) (the outside site)
Dementia cafe (the outside site) to begin on dementia cafe handbook today
Hajime Takechi/compilation, supervising a translation kurieitsu kamogawa 2015 NDC: 369.26
Person troubled about dementia drops in aimlessly casually, and place, that which can talk about dementia are dementia cafes. Attempt that began in the Netherlands about 20 years ago is showing expanse now in Japan.
[Web] List of dementia cafes in the City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau city

Fiction (creation) is not reality. However, we may draw problem not to be outstanding and feelings and consciousness, sense that words cannot do even if we think in reality. Please listen to feeling of character drawn in work.

Story (Kadokawa library) of 13 to person to whisper, and to care for of wind (the outside site)
Himeno Kaoruko/[work] Kadokawa Shoten 2011 NDC: 913.6 ISBN: 978-4-04-183516-6
Based on true story which met while author of the Naoki Prize writer has care relative for many years, we describe of chest which normal people to care for living somewhere in Japan whispered incidentally. It is one wanting hand to take by all means to such a person who "does not have time to read long sentence". Book: Though "do not understand me anymore" (the outside site); (Nikkei BP)
It may be so (the outside site)
Haruto Ko/work Akifumi Corporation 2007 NDC: 913.6 ISBN: 978-4-04-183516-6
While oneself suffers from floor of mouth cancer, it is I-novel which recorded days with wife of softening of the brain (multiinfarct dementia to be caused for cerebral infarction) married for 50 rest of life in quiet style of reciting. With work written more than 35 years ago, we were filmized by the same name in 2006.
At night of Mangetsu, employ mother in facility (the outside site)
Konosuke Fujikawa/poetry Matsuo taiko/picture center law publication 2008 NDC: 911.56 ISBN: 978-4-8058-3019-2
It is book of verse that author who is poet, juvenile literature writer spelled care life of mother having Alzheimer's disease by frank words.
We go to meet mother of pekoe loss (the outside site)
Yuichi Okano/work Nishi-Nippon Shimbun 2012 NDC: 916 ISBN: 978-4-8167-0853-4
Baldheaded son Yuichi similar to small Western onion pekoe loss is comics essay about days with mother Mitsue of dementia. The 42nd Japan Cartoonist Association prize award for excellence prizewinner. There are "Urashima's box of mother of pekoe loss" (the outside site) of sequel, "present of mother of pekoe loss" of the conclusion (the outside site) (all publish the Asahi Shimbun), too.
Help man! vol.1 - 27
Riki Kusaka/work Kodansha 2004~2014 age NDC: 726.1
We are unqualified and, through independent young viewpoint of fiery zeal care person (help man) Momotaro Onda, draw the fact of aging society from various angles. The 40th Japan Cartoonist Association prize award prizewinner. It is contents that Vol.2, 11, 12, 18-20, 25 featured the theme of dementia. "It is help man new series! There is vol.1 - 5 (the Asahi Shimbun publication), too.
Do you remember grandfather? (the outside site)
Phil Cummings/sentence Owen swan/picture Yumiko Fukumoto/reason light village education book 2016 picture book ISBN: 978-4 - 89572-886-7
It is Australian picture book which featured the theme of dementia. We are touched by warm interchange of grandfather and granddaughter. Let alone adult, it may be a chance to have small child know dementia.

We possess all book which this list introduced in Yokohama City Library. When library of neighborhood does not have possession, reservation (order) is possible, too. In addition, in Municipal Central Library, we help with your research, solution to the problem. Please refer by each floor counter, telephone, E-mail casually.
[telephone] 045(262) 7336
[web] Yokohama City Library homepage

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