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In search of Japanese Industrial Standards (three revision)

Last update date May 27, 2020


JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) is national standard established based on the industrial standardization method about Nihon Sangyo standard. Targeting at technical contents about industrial products, 10,858 standards are established at the end of March, 2020.
Established JIS is issued as printed matter of booklet every JIS1 matter, "Japanese Industrial Standards vote" according to set style, appearance. And we discuss within principle five years and perform confirmation, revision or the abolition by decision of Investigation Committee for Nihon Sangyo standard.
We write down standard number of JIS to be given individually in order of alphabet one character, sigil, (hyphen, branch number), colon, establishment to express section or revised year.
(example) is 2011 solar heat water heaters JIS A4111

Table of contents

1 Possession introduction of Municipal Central Library
(1) Japanese Industrial Standards vote
(2) JIS handbook
(3) Former standard, the abolition standard
2 To check on the Internet
3 To check ISO, JIS corresponding to IEC
4 Engine concerned and Web site

About current Japanese Industrial Standards, you arrange standard vote and handbook on Chuo-toshokan the fourth floor, Japanese Industrial Standards shelf (and you get off elevator the shelf 51st of natural science floor of the right hand) and can read in hall.

In this hotel, we classify Japanese sentence Japanese Industrial Standards votes according to sections of standard number and keep with rearranging, dodging file (JIS zenshuban) made addition and exclusion. We do not possess Englishment.

Japanese Industrial Standards vote
Place: The fourth floor, natural science section shelf 51st JIS corner

We are comprised of JIS complete catalog, YEARBOOK (Englishment JIS complete catalog), handbook according to each field. Because associated JIS is published not standard numbers in a mass for each field, there are list of characteristics, and handbook according to the field is convenient for purposes such as summary investigations. But you warn what may be listed only in revised point as supplement at the time of thing, revision that commentary (we explain point and former edition, difference with international standard that became problem at the time of the deliberation) that is attached to not being issued about all fields, standard vote may be omitted partly, and please use.

"JIS complete catalog 2020" (the outside site)
Japan Standards Association/edition Japan Standards Association 2020 place: The fourth floor, natural science section shelf 51st JIS corner

When, in JIS complete catalog, we check Japanese Industrial Standards number

When we know standard number, you can see standard vote directly, but want to see standard of ○○○…When we say this, it is necessary to check standard number.

From section, class number table in the back of the cover of JIS complete catalog of section and sigil guess, and use Japanese Industrial Standards name index (the order of the kana syllabary) of the end of a volume, and can look for standard number to support.

Abolished standard number and name are published in JIS complete catalog. About standard transferred to other standards, standard number of shift is published after name.
We store the abolition Japanese Industrial Standards vote after 2006 in Chuo-toshokan. In addition, we can see the JIS text at the time in handbook in the year before the abolition before revision as we store back number of JIS handbook. But we cannot see until thing and commentary of handbook non-publication. For details, please refer to Chuo-toshokan.

"Abolition JIS kikakutsuzuri" (the outside site)
Japan Standards Association place: It is in library or JIS section on the fourth floor. Visit at Chuo-toshokan the fourth floor counter.
JIS search (the outside site) URL:
We can search from words used for standard number and standard name, standard.
Text reading is possible in PDF when we open Japanese Industrial Standards details screen from search results.
Database retrieval (the outside site) URL:
Search, reading of JIS supporting international standard in "consistency information of JIS, international standard" is possible.
In addition, we can search former standard, the old abolition standard by "the abolition standard search", but cannot read the standard text.
Japan Standards Association (JSA) (the outside site) URL:
It is HP of Japan Standards Association issuing Japanese Industrial Standards vote. We cannot read the Japanese Industrial Standards text (pay).
Investigation Committee for Nihon Sangyo standard (JISC) (the outside site) URL:
We can read the current Japanese Industrial Standards text. But print cannot download.
Japan Standards Association (JSA) Web Desk JIS search (the outside site) URL:
We can search from standard number or title. That we cannot read the text, but revision, confirmation abolishes
We can glance through information such as all histories, quotation Japanese Industrial Standards, quotation international standard, publication JIS handbook name, correspondence international standard.

We do not possess international standards such as ISO (standard of International Organization for Standardization), IEC (standard of Kokusai Electric standard meeting) in Chuo-toshokan. In addition, we cannot read on the Internet free. However, late years, JIS with these international standards adjust, and work, and by referring to Japanese Industrial Standards corresponding to ISO standard and IEC standard to need, may be provided in necessary information.

"Degree of correspondence" with JIS and international standard to support

Equivalency of international standard number in correspondence with the JIS text and the contents is shown. Specifically, we classify "degree of correspondence" with three kinds of next by ISO/IEC GUIDE21.

IDT: We adopt identical (agreement) ⇒ international standard as a whole and agree all other than the difference in minimum editing

MOD: We revise modified (correction) ⇒ international standard, and constitution difference of adoption, technical content with international standard and standard is minimum, and technical difference is distinguished definitely and it is explained

NEQ: Change is not distinguished not the same class in the constitution of technical content which is not equal to not equivalent (is not equal) ⇒ international standard and standard definitely

Investigation Committee for Nihon Sangyo standard (JISC) (the outside site) URL:
We can do search, reading of JIS to support from ISO, standard number of IEC.
Consistency information (the outside site) URL of JIS, international standard:
Japanese Industrial Standards and degree of correspondence to support are shown when we input international standard number into "correspondence JIS search of international standard".
We can read the JIS text when we click Japanese Industrial Standards number (print we cannot download).
"JIS complete catalog 2020" (the outside site)
Japan Standards Association/edition, Japan Standards Association 2020 place: The fourth floor, natural science section shelf 51st JIS corner
"ISO - index for JIS" "IEC-JIS-adaptive index" is in the end of a volume. But, in the case of IDT, what is listed in index is best as for degree of correspondence. We equal ISO, standard numerical order of IEC.

Other than thing which we introduced, we will introduce Web site that is useful in checking library and JIS possessing Japanese Industrial Standards "to check on 2 Internet".

Kanagawa Prefectural Kawasaki library (the outside site) URL:
In prefectural Kawasaki library, we possess Japanese Industrial Standards vote (Japanese sentence) like Chuo-toshokan. In addition, we possess abolition JIS to former share than this hotel. We do not possess ISO (there is handbook partly), IEC. For more details, please refer to prefectural Kawasaki library.
・ List of possession standard materials (the outside site)
National Diet Library (the outside site) URL:
In National Diet Library, we possess JIS (Japanese sentence, Englishment), ISO, IEC. In addition, we possess, and can search by these standard numbers.
Standard, technical reports search (the outside site)
*Can search by standard number or standard name (title) by search by keyword from NDL-OPAC top page. In addition, we click "advanced search", and by choosing tab "standard, technical reports" among "others", search refinement is possible.
Research navigator way of checking guidance Japanese Industrial Standards (the outside site)
Japan Standards Association library (the outside site) URL:
It is library room where is specialized in standard that Japan Standards Association issuing Japanese Industrial Standards vote runs. Let alone JIS, we possess a large number of national standards other than international standards such as ISO, IEC including ANSI which is American national standard. In addition, we possess domestic various groups standard.

In Chuo-toshokan, we help with your research, solution to the problem.
Please refer by each floor counter, telephone, E-mail casually.

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