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We check disease (three revision)

Last update date January 16, 2019


It is necessary to know the accurate name of disease. When we have doctor write memo and do as there are many unfamiliar words, it is useful when we check by yourself. Please consult with doctor without self-diagnosing.

Table of contents

It is easy to understand grounds and the procedure of medical treatment guidelines - treatment

Medical encyclopedia is convenient to know ill outline. When material of the name of disease you are looking for is not found, at first, please see encyclopedia. It is convenient when we check medical departments together.

"Home medicine perfection department BIG DOCTOR" (the outside site)
The Fumimaro Takaku general supervision, the laboratory of law, 2010 place: The fourth-floor natural science section medical care information corner, 598.3
By commentary that reflected EBM (scientific evidence-based medicine), we know right appropriate cure. It is coming to be checked by symptom and the name of disease.
"Domestic medical new penny dreadful" (the outside site)
Health coterie company, 2008 place: The fourth-floor natural science section medical care information corner, 598.3
By emergency measure and symptom, knowledge of illness, three copies of constitution for healthy life, we explain disease that we often suffer from in everyday life clearly.

With EBM (Evidence-based Medicine)

Recent way of thinking of the medical world to cure based on empirical grounds and grounds that are scientific as well as discretion of doctor individual.
Having this point of view or not is one of the standards to judge reliability of information.

"The Merck manual Japanese edition 18th edition" (the outside site)
Nikkei BP, 2006 place: The fourth-floor natural science section medical care information corner, 490.3
"Latest Merck manual medicine all sorts of subject family version" (the outside site)
Nikkei BP, 2004 place: The fourth-floor natural science section medical care information corner, 490.3
Merck manual is standard medical encyclopedia all over the world. We explain not only commentary of illness but also symptom or diagnosis, the prevention, cure. Family version is easy to understand description, too, and the text search in web site is possible, too.
Merck manual family version (the outside site)
URL: (the outside site) home
"The Minamiyama temple medicine Dictionary 20th edition" (the outside site)
Minamiyama temple, 2015 place: The fourth-floor natural science section medical care information corner, 490.3
It is Japanese medical standard dictionary. We can search from small item and are helpful when we confirm meaning and notation of medical term.

Symptom or cure are written in detail, and medical standard textbook can get information that encyclopedia does not have. Please utilize index of the end of a volume.

"Standard textbook" series (medical study)
It is standard textbook for medical students. Degree of difficulty is slightly high, but the name of disease without publication is often found in encyclopedia, too, and contents are detailed, too. We are divided according to diseases including digestive organ disease, and title of "standard ○○ study" is mark.
The "latest medical course for nursing" series (Nakayama Bookstore)
It is standard textbook for nurse. As for the contents, both a lot of plates and commentary are easy by all colors in spite of being altitude. Representative disease and Medical consultation fee name including "Dermatology disease" "dementia" is written as subtitle of each winding.

Symptom and cures are different, but by knowing standard diagnosis and cure, can understand your characteristic of illness individually. In addition, we receive second opinion to explore another cure, and various choices are connected for expanse, good communication with doctor, too.

"Version I am treated in this way in today's treatment guideline 2015" (the outside site)
Tsuguya Fukui/total editing, medical study, 2015 place: The fourth floor natural science section medical care information corner, 492
Mainly on cure, the point of concept, medical treatment of disease is compiled. There is matter index and can search from disease name and symptom. It is standard book of doctor.

Advice of medical information and specialist is "standard guideline" gathered up that medical treatment guidelines are diagnosis and treatment of illness and become help when we had trouble with judgment.
Announcement medium varies with book, magazine, web. At medical information corner, we collect guidelines published as book.
Magazine medical treatment guidelines information database (Toho University medicine media center, medical central magazine publication society) in Toho University, medicine (the outside site)
Update is frequent, too, and data are abundant, too. It is convenient to identify publication as having guidelines or not.
Medical information service Minds (Japan Council for Quality Health Care) (the outside site)
As the EBM (evidence-based medicine) spread of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare promotion business, the medical treatment guidelines text is released for free for medical product for people and public.
<medical treatment guidelines were not found>
Please see Medical consultation fee, technical book according to disease. In addition, "standard symptom, cure of illness" is listed in medical textbook.
As the freshness of information is important, please be almost used as an indication when you look for cure whether it is publication within three years.
<we utilize references>
When you look at technical book, please utilize index, references. Index is convenient to look for the objective name of disease and can get more detailed information from references listed in chapter and the end of a volume.

New information and technical information are placed in magazine. National Diet Library search ( (the outside site) is convenient for article search to check publication magazine, but it is necessary to access specialty database as there are few information publications of the field of medical care, technology.

In search of article of CiNii Articles Japan (the outside site)
It is article database service that search intends for academic conference, association, university study bulletin, treatise information including magazine article index database of National Diet Library.
Magazine Web (the outside site) out of specialist in medical central magazine
It is database of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy of domestic issuance and medical literature information used most collected from the associated domain. Can search by the Chuo-toshokan the third floor PC research corner fifth unit.
Medical online (the outside site)
General web site of medical information for medical personnel. General person cannot register, but is available even if official journal of a scientific society, search by keyword of learned journal are not members.
PubMed (English) (the outside site)
It is standard web site that it is useful by free medical information service that American national medical library provides all over the world.
As Chuo-toshokan has little possession of medical journal, most article acquisition becomes back order of xerox from other engines (pay). In special library, there is not only article copying at the place but also the use consultation of specialized database that search technique is necessary.
[Yokohama City University medicine information center] (the outside site) ☎045-787-2556
URL: (the outside site)
It is library of the field of medicine, nursing science in Fukuura campus (Kanazawa Ward). There is use of citizen system.
Patient society is made group, group for the purpose of patients with same disease and family talking about information exchange and trouble. We provide necessary information for patient generally widely. We put the name of diseases on the upper part of information about patient society with red label and, at medical care, health information corner, distinguish.
Japanese patient society information center (the outside site)
By "patient group matching database", we can know information of patient group of each places of the whole country.
Yokohama-shi incurable disease lecture, exchange meeting
We place information such as exchange meetings that Health and Welfare Center of Yokohama-shi carries out.

Fight against illness note is experience-based note written by patient or the family. Be also known as case report by patient and is precious source of information to include to way of life information how lives facing illness. As description of fight against illness has many things which we cannot judge from the title of a book, we introduce way of looking.

(1) "Yokohama City Library possession "description of fight against illness" list"

We have list always ready at medical information corner. We classify according to the name of diseases and can look for from table of contents and the name of disease Japanese syllabary index. We are published in library homepage.

Do you know description of Yokohama City Library possession "description of fight against illness" list fight against illness?

(2) We look for with search machine

When we choose search item "theme" and input with "description of fight against illness", you can see list of descriptions of fight against illness in library. Furthermore, we can narrow down to description of specific fight against illness of illness when we choose search item "all items" and input the name of disease.

Yokohama City Library online catalog (the outside site)
When we read description of fight against illness, it is necessary for symptom to warn by individual in (cure progresses every day.) in different thing, written local specialty and issuance year. Please use after having obtained correct information about disease.

6 or other helpful information

karadanotoshoshitsu (the outside site)
It is information site of Toho University medical center Omori Hospital offer.
Guide (the Internet medical care meeting in Japan) of the use of medical information in the Internet (the outside site)
It is settled how you judge reliability of medical information briefly. As well as the Internet, we serve as a reference when we obtain information from books.

Point of information choice is gathered up by methodology to receive good medical care that was good for oneself, how to get communication with doctor, mental attitude that patient should have now including the intelligence method.

"Patient studies growing wise" (the outside site)
Kazue Takayanagi others/work, Open University of Japan Education Development Association, 2007 place: The fourth floor natural science section 490
"Patient studies to receive the best medical care" (the outside site)
Naoto Ueno/work, Kodansha, 2006 place: The fourth-floor natural science section 490.1
"It takes person (the outside site) of good doctor"
*koyu/work, Daiyamondosha, 2012 place: The fourth-floor natural science section 490.1
※In Chuo-toshokan, we help with your medical intelligence. Please refer by the fourth-floor counter, telephone, E-mail.
※Material offer does not stimulate specific cure, group, creed. In addition, visit to medical institution about judgments such as diagnosis, treatment, medicine.

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