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Specialty, trade paper (the business-related field)

Last update date January 18, 2019

There is (it varies according to each newspaper) in public floor for degree for 1-6 months.
As you store share before that in library, apply at counter.

※Please see "manuscript acceptance newspaper (stencil) list" (PDF: 509KB) about list of all newspapers which it continues in Chuo-toshokan and receives.

[the alphabet, the order of the kana syllabary] There is shrinkage = compact edition, and there is M = microfilm, and there is C = CD/DVD (collecting period varies for each newspaper)

List of possession titles
Magazine namePlaceStencil retention periodCompact editions
Financial Times4F/counterFour yearsNone
Port View3F Yokohama/newspaper cornerFor many yearsNone
Wall Street Journal Asia4F society/newspaper cornerFour yearsNone
Chemical Daily Co., Ltd.4F/counterThree yearsNone
Scientific newspaper4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Environmental newspaper4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Sightseeing economic paper4F society/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
datetsushimbunshinnakawa4F nature/newspaper cornerMicrofilm to becomingM
Traffic newspaper4F society/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
The weekly welfare newspaper4F/counterThree yearsNone
House Courier4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Commerce public information4F society/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Denki Shimbun4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Dempa Publications, Inc.4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Patent news4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Nikkan Kensetsu Kogyo Shimbun4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Daily publication industry newspaper4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsShrinkage, C
Daily publication car newspaper4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Nikkei industrial newspaper4F society/newspaper cornerOne yearShrinkage, C
Nikkei Veritas4F/counterThree yearsNone
Nikkei distribution newspaper (MJ)4F/counterOne yearShrinkage, C
The Nihon Keizai Shimbun3F investigation/newspaper cornerOne yearShrinkage, M, C
Japan Business Federation Times4F society/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Nippon Securities newspaper4F/counterThree yearsNone
JAPAN FOOD JOURNAL CO.,LTD.4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
National Press and Information Agricultural Corporatives4F nature/newspaper cornerThree yearsNone
Fuel oil and fat newspaper4F/counterThree yearsNone

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