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We protect family for disaster

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Last update date September 1, 2019

The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 recorded maximum intensity 5 upper in Yokohama-shi and learned importance of our usually preparing for disasters such as earthquakes in that. Yokohama-shi aims at reducing damage to earthquake even a little, and each one recognizes importance of self support, community support and establishes "Yokohama earthquake disaster prevention citizens' charter" on March 11, 2013 to succeed in the next generation.

Major earthquake always comes over suddenly. It may be today and may be tomorrow.
Therefore I ask oneself. Is preparation to earthquake enough?

We extract than "Yokohama earthquake disaster prevention citizens' charter".

We do not know when major earthquake takes place. We know disaster to minimize damage, and to be able to protect oneself and important person, and there will start with being.

We learn from past record To prepare for earthquake We protect family We prepare for heavy rain disaster Let's read with child Disaster prevention measures of Yokohama-shi

PDF version "protecting family for disaster" (PDF: 526KB)

It is the first step for it to live in the future to learn as lesson so far without letting damage and experience of earthquake that occurred weather. We convey history of disaster in history and introduce book to know past record.

"Local paper under earthquake disaster on the longest day of Kahoku Shimpo-sha" (the outside site)
Kahoku Shinpo Press/work Bungeishunju Ltd. 2011 ISBN: 978-4-16-374470-4
Nonfiction which we wrote down local paper, Kahoku Shimpo-sha (the head office: Sendai-shi, Miyagi) coped, and how they told earthquake disaster on the Great East Japan Earthquake how in. State after damage reaches oneself from the news that snuggled up to affected areas of reporters who became survivors vividly. We experienced Miyagi offing earthquake and Sanriku tsunami, and even northeastern ground that worked on disaster prevention suffered big damage by the Great East Japan Earthquake. This book conveys the difficulty with importance of possessing.

"What is made crisis control and management of the local government as for the great earthquake disaster mayor" (the outside site)
Hidenobu Takahide/work Asahi Shimbun 1995 ISBN: 4-02-273050-1
It is 20 rest of life from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995. At the time of earthquake disaster, we dispatched much relief corps in the field from Yokohama-shi. Mayor Takahide (in those days) of Yokohama-shi wrote this book right after earthquake disaster and told the backside of dispatch and on-site state to the world widely. If "major earthquake takes place in Yokohama…He/she tells how there should be disaster prevention measures and crisis management of the local government in viewpoint called ".

"Kumamoto earthquake at that time anything" (the outside site)
Kumamoto Nihon Shimbun 2018 ISBN: 978-4 - 87755-581-8
Kumamoto who was taken for intense shaking with a seismic intensity of 7 twice in April, 2016. How were organization and community in confrontation with earthquake disaster going to come through the difficult situation? Administration and hospital, department store, factory, convenience store, volunteer group inspect each "then".

What newspaper, radio reported

In affected areas that electricity and communication were cut off, it is in important source of information conveying information that newspaper and radio are necessary for survivors. We can know what happened through experiences of reporter who reported and the space, news record at the time on the site then.

The "one or 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake that reporter saw what" (the outside site) Yomiuri Shimbun/work Chuo Koron new company 2014 ISBN: 978-4-12-205908-5
"Record 2011.3.11 - 4.11 space collection of 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake one month" (the outside site) Kahoku Shinpo Press/edition bamboo Publishing 2011 ISBN: 978-4-8124-4629-4
"Shock 2016.4.14 4.16 of Kumamoto earthquake chain" (the outside site) Kumamoto Nihon Shimbun editorial department/compilation Kumamoto Nihon Shimbun 2016 ISBN: 978-4 - 87755-551-1
As for "the radio broadcasting, what was made in survivors of The Great Hanshin Earthquake (the outside site)?"; Mainichi Broadcasting System/work companion building publication 1995 ISBN: 4-8104-2225-9

Even if major earthquake takes place sometime, it may take time so as to be able to reach support. For "reduce disaster damage" bringing damage by disaster close to zero, the each person's everyday preparation is necessary in addition to public approach.
Also, we introduce book which is a chance to think about what we can do for reduce disaster damage what is important by disaster prevention.

"Disaster prevention that people do not die" (the outside site)
Toshitaka Katada/work Shueisha 2012 ISBN: 978-4-08-720633-3
We acted without children of Kamaishi-shi, Iwate being seized with assumption by the Great East Japan Earthquake and were able to follow many commands. We preach importance of "disaster prevention education" that author who acted as crisis management adviser of Kamaishi-shi from 2004 thinks by oneself and acts. Where are the problems of current disaster prevention what what you should give priority to in the disaster prevention most is? It is one book which is helpful when we talk with family about disaster prevention.

From "what distributes life and death great evacuation supertyphoon to Nankai Trough earthquake" (the outside site)
Eisuke Shimakawa/work NHK publication 2017 ISBN: 978-4-14-088512-3
How do you prepare for disaster to hit massive earthquake and meteorological disaster, big city? We assume "great evacuation" that hundreds of thousands of people evacuate to for disaster to become gigantic and highlight problem of disaster prevention seeing from the simulation. Citizen oneself points out the need to think about made-to-order evacuation in line with the local fact, too.

"You do not need to try skill in kitchen disaster prevention hard" (the outside site)
Hiroko Sakamoto, Kana Sakamoto/work Rural Culture Association Japan 2012 ISBN: 978-4-540-12122-7
Dishes researcher parent and child that author suffered from earthquake disaster. Skills to make usual rice with way of securing of water and fire and wisdom to let you last a long time and ingredients which it remained at hand are written in keyword by "disaster prevention not to try hard". We compile hint of the preparation to be possible on extension line of everyday living.

"The making of house and house person who do not lose earthquake." (the outside site)
Building design studio passoapasso, team di; pre-/joint work X-Knowledge Co., Ltd. 2012 ISBN: 978-4-7678-1325-7
It is book which gathered up danger and the measures to attack furniture and door which does not open, resident including scattered glass falling down concretely. Example of earthquake resistance that we actually performed in commentary, house of earthquake-resistant diagnosis and ground investigation necessary to make building which can follow command from earthquake introduces.

"Absolutely want to know!money at the time of earthquake fire insurance and disaster" (the second edition) (the outside site)
National company 2013 ISBN free to do cherry tree office, money life navigator/joint work: 978-4-426-11645-3
About money to possess at the time of earthquake, fire insurance and disaster, we gather up inquired item where it was a lot after the Great East Japan Earthquake. As well as material people-like damage, it is book which will dissolve big anxiety for former life from now on to hold after earthquake.


"Nankai Trough earthquake" (the outside site) Koshun Yamaoka/work Iwanami Shoten 2016 ISBN: 978-4-00-431587-2
Ichiro Matsuo/compilation Nikkan Kensetsu Kogyo Shimbun Corporation 2016 ISBN where "disaster prevention measures of timeline Japan turn" into (the outside site): 978-4-331-52023-9
"We prepare for major earthquake! (the outside site) Kazuo Chiyozaki/work Chika Yamashita/work house news Corporation 2016 ISBN that thinks about correspondence of resident, Residential Association from lesson of the disaster prevention manual Great East Japan Earthquake of apartment (revised edition): 978-4-7892-3786-4
With "same pet as for any disaster as dog 2018 disaster prevention handbook" (the outside site) 德denryukorekai/supervision Shogakukan creative ISBN: 978-4-7780-5014-6
※ There is "cat" (the outside site), too. ISBN: 978-4-7780-5012-2

Let's try! Disaster prevention picnic

Do you know "disaster prevention picnic?" It is one of "active disaster prevention" that this catches voice of survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and was born (※ 1). We perform for picnic with emergency provisions in substitution for lunch which walks while confirming dangerous point with child in disaster prevention picnic and can raise disaster prevention by actually experiencing.
In detail "disaster prevention picnic protects child! We are introduced in (KADOKAWA 2014 ISBN: 978-4-04-066330-2) which learns skill in survival to be helpful at the time of disaster happily (the outside site). How about experiencing in families "to possess", and to be able to make use of no "knowledge" to the maximum?
※Emergency management to take action for active posture for emergency management in o motto plans 1 "disaster prevention that learns happily, and thinks by oneself, and can act!".

We who experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake. We introduce book, at first, to protect oneself and family including child and the elderly to self support and close assistant mo keyword.

"Disaster prevention handbook of home helpful in case anything happens" (the outside site)
Takehiko Yamamura/supervision IE-NO-HIKARI ASSOCIATION 2016 ISBN: 978-4-259-56507-7
Earthquake and typhoon, heavy rain and landslide. People of three coming next-door houses on both sides help each other; gather up confirmation of hazard map, storage of food, point of the preparation including attention at the time of evacuation compactly while "close, assistant", preaching no importance.

"We learn from voice of 1,089 disaster prevention pocket notebook damage moms protecting child!" (the outside site)
MAMA-PLUG/ compilation KADOKAWA 2016 ISBN: 978-4-04-601688-1
It is revised edition of "parents with their children disaster prevention pocket notebook" that voice of mom and pregnant woman having infants who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake was made by the cause. We think about personal emergency management based on experience of Kumamoto earthquake in keyword by "active disaster prevention" to think in viewpoint of mom by oneself, and to act. With work notebook which disaster prevention acquires while filling out in the end of a volume.

"Disaster prevention pocket notebook for senior" (the outside site)
Makoto Mihira/supervision industrial editing center 2019 ISBN: 978-4 - 86311-225-4
It is elderly people 60 years or older that are the most dangerous by disaster to do suddenly. We divide this book into daily life, preinclination, hatsuwazawaijihen, damaged life and introduce 50 knowledge for disaster. Self support, close assistant no mental attitude that we protect elderly person by oneself, and people help with is important. We will start with imaging hatsuwazawai.

With earthquake disaster, the earth and sand disaster accompanied with typhoon and heavy rain hits us who live in city directly, too. We introduce book thinking about the current situation of heavy rain disaster, point to possess.

"Visit affected areas of document heavy rain disaster West Japan heavy rain" (the outside site)
Hironori Taniyama/work mountain and valley company 2019 ISBN: 978-4-635-14027-0
West Japan heavy rain of July, 2018 when it caused more than 200 dead people in the whole country. It is said that "escape delay" that evacuation was late for escalated damage. Author visits the disaster spot hit by landslide or the inundation and reports problem seeing from fact, there of damage and evacuation vividly. It is one book knowing heavy rain disaster with skin.

"Is the earth and sand disaster caused in residential land collapse why city (the outside site)?"
Toshitaka Kamai/work NHK publication 2019 ISBN: 978-4-14-088582-6
Steep slope and urban area where becoming goes ahead through residential land to to valley. We are apt to think landslide and landslide to be natural disaster, but author says that development of the very beginning residential land has a problem. We bury mechanism and valley of disaster and examine the issue of laying earth on the ground and, including problem that own house society brings, think about residential land which is strong in disaster.

"Disaster prevention perfection manual which protects family from earthquake, typhoon, the earth and sand disaster, flood by oneself" (the outside site)
Taro Kawano/work Kodansha 2016 ISBN: 978-4-06-220300-5
Thing which settled result of "disaster prevention 4.0 future plan project" that author who was Minister of State for Disaster Management worked on is this book. We comment on the point of the preparation while assuming four families, and simulating response to disaster of each family. We publish column to read past disaster of the land from the place name, and to untie.

From book for children, we introduce book raising anti-stress to disaster of the child. With child, do you not think about the preparation to disaster?
"Book (the outside site) that defense of the disaster prevention classroom position to learn in parent and child is found"
Mayuko Imaizumi/work theory company 2019 ISBN: More than the 978-4-652-20314-9 Elementary School third and fourth grades of elementary school
"Book (the outside site) which disaster prevention classroom disaster food to learn in parent and child understands"
Mayuko Imaizumi/work theory company 2019 ISBN: More than the 978-4-652-20313-2 Elementary School third and fourth grades of elementary school
Author who studies disaster food as administrative dietitian. How do you find food by damage life how you follow own command at the time of disaster in school and attending school road, downtown or house? Lay up for a rainy day. Let's think about everyday mental attitude and preparations with child to acquire power to live.

We perform development and brochure of disaster preparedness plan, reporting through Web site for major earthquakes in Yokohama-shi. Please inflect to ensure the security at the time of disaster, and to be able to take appropriate action.

Disaster prevention, disaster City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau
We can obtain information about disaster prevention, disaster of Yokohama-shi cyclopedically. The latest information of disaster, list of evacuation sites in the city are published and explain about cliff place causing assistance system to modify storage product which is necessary in item of "measures (self support) of home" and earthquake-resistant repair, diagnosis, the earth and sand disaster.

It is City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau about the preparation to typhoon, heavy rain
It is evacuation information or landslide alert informations such as evacuation warning, evacuation warning to be announced when we were hit by typhoon and heavy rain. We explain how we should act when information was announced about correspondence to typhoon, heavy rain to catch harbinger phenomenon of landslide precisely.

City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau such as disaster preparedness plan, hazard map, each ward office
As for the disaster preparedness plan of Yokohama-shi, disaster prevention maps can identify (URL of the upper section), hazard map including "plan, the regulations" and citizen's disaster prevention information in "map of disaster prevention" (URL of the lower berth) noisily.
Look at disaster preparedness plan and disaster prevention map of each ward from Web site (cf. lower part link of this page) of each ward office.

Disaster prevention weather information Yokohama-shi public weather information
Weather information in Kanagawa that the Meteorological Agency announces is disclosed. We change by the upper part menu including information of the weather prediction of a day or two, warning, warning, typhoon and earthquake and can see in future.

Delivery of ... disaster prevention information gives a service for the preparation at the time of disaster

We possess information about earthquake measures and each local disaster prevention as well as material which we introduced in Yokohama City Library.
Please feel free to contact with counter, telephone, email form in helping where you look for materials.
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