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Information science corner

Last update date January 16, 2019

In front of information science sectionThe corner

It is section where we collected book and magazines in conjunction with PC and the Internet.
It is in Chuo-toshokan the fourth floor, floor of natural science section.
Other than book, install brochure and flyer of qualification about field of information science,
We give information.
While as there is seat with power supply for carry-on PC, reading associated book,
We can have you research using PC.

Floor guide map is this → Natural science section guide map (PDF: 259KB)

Material which is put in information science section

We introduce main theme of material put in information science section.
Please inflect to look for place with book.

[theme of material put in information science section and class number]
※Please come to each theme from this!

Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, CD-R, DVD-R, DTP software, Adobe Acrobat, CAD software,
The family budget software including Microsoft Money, Web site for cell-phone, smartphone, application development,
GPS, positional information software

[overall information science]
007 information science
007.3 Information and social/information industry
007.6 Overall data handling, primer of computer, outline book.
007.6/06 system development, software engineering

Overall 007.6/10 programming
007.6/12 C++
007.6/13 C#
007.6/14 perl
007.6/15 Python
007.6/16 Visual Basic
007.6/17 Ruby
007.6/18 JAVA
007.6/19 PHP
007.6/20 JAVA Script
Programming language of 007.6/29 and others

[operating system (OS)]
007.6/30 Windows
007.6/31 Unix
007.6/32 Linux
The OS of 007.6/39 and others

[word processing, word-processing software]
007.6/40 Word
Word-processing software, text editor of 007.6/44 and others (Ichitaro, Atok, LaTeX, ready writing)

007.6/45 Excel
Spreadsheets of 007.6/49 and others (Sanshiro)

[presentation software]
007.6/50 PowerPoint, Agree

[Microsoft Office software]
In 007.6/54 Microsoft Office, Outlook, Open Office, Star Suite, * Microsoft Project is 78

[database software]
Overall 007.6/60 database
007.6/61 Access
007.6/62 Oracle
007.6/63 MySQL
007.6/64 MS SQL Server
Database software (FileMaker, PostgreSQL) of 007.6/69 and others

[graphic software, image processing, video processing]
007.6/70 Photoshop, Photoshop Elements
007.6/71 Illustrator
007.6/72 Flash
Graphics software (Paint Shop Pro, Premiere, Final Cut Pro) of 007.6/75 and others

[other application software]
007.6/78 Microsoft Project, Norton, system work

007.6/79 Macintosh, software for Macintosh

[the Internet connection]
547.2 Communication method/network
547.4 Overall Internet
547.4/15 Python
547.4/17 Ruby
547.4/18 JAVA
547.4/19 PHP
547.4/20 JAVA Script
Programming language of 547.4/29 and others
547.4/30 Windows
547.4/31 Unix
547.4/32 Linux
Database software of 547.4/69 and others
547.4/72 Flash
Graphics software of 547.4/75 and others
547.4/79 Mac
547.4/80 communication technology, IP, TCP, SIP, P2P, Asterisk, VoIP, Trixbox
547.4/81 cloud computing
547.4/82 E-mail, Thunderbird, Postfix
547.4/83 blog
547.4/84 SNS (Social Networking Service), OpenPNE
547.4/85 music, streaming
547.4/86 law
547.4/87 security
547.4/88 information retrieval, collection, SEO, browser, RSS
547.4/89 server, Apache
547.4/90 Web site making, GoLive, homepage builder, Front Page, Zen Cart
547.4/91 Dreamweaver
547.4/93 CMS, Movable Type, XOOPS, PLONE
547.4/94 Ajax
547.4/95 ASP.NET
548.2 Computer science
694 smartphones, tablet

[material put any place other than others, the information science corner]
There is book of computing as well as this section.
For example, the following book is put in other bookshelves and other floors each.
1 wireless LAN, Bluetooth → The fourth-floor natural science section 547.5
2 CD-R, DVD-R → The fourth-floor natural science section 547.8
3 DTP software, Adobe Acrobat → The third-floor general investigation section 021.4
4 CAD softwares → The fourth-floor natural science section 501.4
The family budget software including 5 Microsoft Money → The first-floor popular section 591.8
6 GPS, positional information software → The fourth-floor natural science section 448.9

Collection of links

Note convenience collection of links
When library, laws and ordinances, precedent, corporate information performed study, they attracted convenient sites.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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