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Medical care, healthy information corner

Last update date August 28, 2018

Medical information corner

We want to think about own body and health to want to know disease more….

Corner that collected materials which are helpful in such a case is "medical care, healthy information corner" on Chuo-toshokan the fourth floor.

From primer about disease and treatment, health to technical book, we can always read about 900 materials.

At first, it is "medical care, healthy information navigator" beginning with here corner.

Characteristic of three functions and materials of medical care, healthy information corner

☆Look for☆

From primer to technical book for medical personnel, we chose standard document for each keyword. We prepared for tameno guide function that "arrived at desired information by oneself" including description of index and fight against illness list according to the others name of disease.


Doctor and pharmacist including medical treatment guidelines based on evidence (scientific grounds) prepared reference book of medical treatment, prescription policy that we used, too. Please inflect for confirmation of cure and medicine taking.


Authorized ill patient and families gathered and gathered information of group = "patient fair" which worked about information exchange. In addition, live information not to know is available only in book with poster and flyer of healthy related course medical care.

Material at medical care, healthy information corner

When had Municipal Central Library visit, to be able to check "anytime", material at medical care, healthy information corner in hall would like to use. When you wish to loan, ask about whether there is material which we can rent at counter as I will check.
We can check from "search machine for user" in library and "Yokohama City Library online catalog" (the outside site).

[class number notice of materials at medical care, healthy information corner]

Overall 490-490.9 medical care (medical encyclopedia, Oriental medicine)
491-491.8 basic medicine
492-492.9 diagnosis, treatment, inspection
493-493.9 Internal medicine
493.1 Common disorder
493.2 Circulatory organ department
493.3 Respiratory course
493.4 Digestive organ department
493.6 Exercise device disease
493.7 Psychiatry
493.8 Infectious disease
493.9 Pediatrics
494-494.9 Surgery
494.5 Tumor, the cancer public
494.6 Local Surgery
494.7 Orthopaedic surgery
494.8 Dermatology
494.9 Urology
495 gynecology
496-496.3 Ophthalmology
496.5-496.7 otolaryngology
496.9 Speech impediment
497-497.9 Dentistry
498-498.9 hygienics, public sanitation, preventive medicine
498.1 Doctor, hospital
498.5 Food, nutrition
499-499.8 pharmacy

*In addition, there are "medicine of forming anew home" and medical expenses , material except the medical field including The Long-term Care Insurance, too.

In addition, as well as medical care, health information corner, we prepare material about field of medical care at [bookshelf of the 56th - 59th], [the reference book corner 68th, the 69th bookshelf], [magazine corner]. That, please use "class number" of material of healthy information corner after reference medical care, too. There is material which we can rent.

We wear the sigil for each theme and, based on classification method called "Japanese decimal classification", classify books with sigil is ... Yokohama City Library. We stick on backbone of book with sigil as label and arrange books in classification numerical order.


We set theme that is a chance to think about medical care, health monthly and introduce information which there was to theme.
Displayed book is available for rental.

Chousa no Mikata - natural science

We introduce method and useful material checking disease and hospital, medical information including medicine.

  • Chousa no Mikata - natural science

Note convenience collection of links

When we checked medical information, we raised convenient sites.

"Medical care, healthy information corner precautions"

Information to provide in our section

  • We do not recommend specific cure.
  • It is only a few answers to your question.
  • We may not meet personal state, symptom.
  • Please use as materials performing consultation with doctor more concretely.

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