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Law information corner

Last update date January 18, 2019

When time when law information was necessary and consultation materials with expert including lawyer are necessary for everyday life and business, please utilize Chuo-toshokan as access base of law information search.

Characteristic of law information corner

Basic book

We have about 900 books including "legal advice book of various themes for public" and Compendium of laws of the specific field, article by article commentary, precedent commentary always ready.


We make various navigation tools including "law information classification index". We support the more than 30,000 law-related collection of books and access to database that Chuo-toshokan possesses.


We offer law terrace, judicial scrivener society, brochure of various engines including traffic accident dispute processing center concerned and provide legal advice information to be useful for solution to the problem.
Please expect civic life and living in library to protect!

About material of law information corner
When had Chuo-toshokan visit, to be able to check "anytime", material at law information corner in hall would like to use.
When you wish to loan, ask about whether there is material which we can rent at counter as I will check.
Class number (sign of label) notice of materials at law information corner
Central The Library Act information index (PDF: 733KB)
We wear the sigil for each theme and, in Yokohama City Library, arrange books in the numerical order based on classification method called "nichihonjususumifunruihyo".
This index can check sigil from main keyword and laws and ordinances name.

In the law information service use

  • In Chuo-toshokan, we help with search, offer of materials and information, your law intelligence including introduction of consultation counter.
  • We do not perform "legal advice" and advice that judgment by expert needs. Please use information that you provided as consultation materials with expert.

As well as law information corner, there is still more!

Online database reading service (Chuo-toshokan the third floor PC research corner)
●Westlaw Japan (law synthesis online service in Japan)
We can search precedent, laws and ordinances, law publication information. For more details, please see online database reading service.
●Official daily gazette information retrieval service
On the day we can search official daily gazette to issuance from the May 3, 1947, Constitution of Japan enforcement day. For more details, please see online database reading service.
CD, DVD-ROM database retrieval service (Chuo-toshokan the third floor PC research corner)
CD, DVD-ROMs such as law publication information, "precedent time signal" "precedent Times" "finance, commercial precedent" "labor precedent" are searchable.
The Internet reading service (Chuo-toshokan the third floor PC research corner)
We install PC which can read the Internet. For more details, please see the Internet reading service.
Use of carry-on of PC
It is available in Chuo-toshokan the fourth floor floor. We can use power supply at personal seat, but become the use with battery at seat of four cliffs.
Public wireless LAN
On Chuo-toshokan the fourth floor, FREESPOT is available.
For more details, please see public wireless LAN service.

Note convenience collection of links

When library, laws and ordinances, precedent, corporate information performed study, they attracted convenient sites.

Note convenience collection of links


We work as maid (reference service) in search of necessary information using materials and database in Chuo-toshokan.
If "desired information" "thing that we want to check" comes out in everyday work, please don't hesitate to ask.
Let alone counter, we accept even telephone, E-mail.
The details about reference, please confirm information for reference service.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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