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Last update date August 14, 2020

Chuo-toshokan the third floor map corner

As for topographical map, topographical map of all over Japan, Japanese map, world map, house map, overseas map, the road map,
It is corner that is useful for investigation with various maps.

In addition, can check "anytime" when you had Chuo-toshokan visit,
Material at map corner in hall would like to use.
In addition, as well as this section, there is abundant material about map in each floor. It is corner that is useful for investigation with various maps.

Topographical map, topographical map of 1 whole country

Chuo-toshokan the third floor map corner

With "topographical map" height, shape of nature such as mountain, river of earth surface and artifact,
It is map which we displayed in detail. By comparing the same local old and new maps,
We can know changes such as the use of land.
Among topographical maps of Geographical Survey Institute publication, figure of 1 is called "topographical map" for 200,000 minutes,
This edited 16 domains of topographical map for 1 for 50,000 minutes and expressed to one.
The latest edition of topographical map, topographical map of various reduced scales of Geographical Survey Institute publication is in map section.
As you are kept other than the latest edition in library, visit at counter.

City map, road map of 2 whole country

On map which scenery, characteristic of road and town necessary for the use was listed in every day,
There is thing which can look for destination from name of a street or address.
When there is not the local latest edition you are looking for in map corner,
When you are looking for past thing and rental use, visit at counter.

Map to check 3 Kanagawa, Yokohama city

(1) House map in Kanagawa

Chuo-toshokan the third floor map corner

"House map" is generic name of map listing resident every building name and building.
In Yokohama city limits, making began in the 30, Showa generation, but there is difference by area.
In addition, house map which lot number understands from Address is called "blue map".
List of possession house maps of Yokohama city limits is Yokohama City Library website
"House map in Chuo-toshokan possession Kanagawa" of "we know Yokohama"
You can see in this.
*Place to arrange of blue map
As, other than that, the latest edition of each Yokohama-shi ward is all in library on counter on the third floor,
Visit at counter on the third floor.
*Place to arrange of house map
"The latest edition" of house map in Kanagawa at map corner,
Other than that, there is thing of issuance in all library in Yokohama material section on the third floor in the 30s, the 40s of each Yokohama-shi ward.
We possess thing of outside the prefecture partly. About the possession situation,
Ask whether you have you search in "Yokohama City Library online catalog page" (the outside site) at counter on the third floor.

Chuo-toshokan the third floor map corner

(2) "Yokohama-shi 1/2500 topographical map" (Yokohama-shi making)
1/2500 topographical map from 1971 (Showa 46) to the present,
It is made in figure Kuo who divided Yokohama city limits into 189.
Because we employ new figure Kuo by revision of the Surveying Acts after 2006 (Heisei 18),
Even case having the same region name of map in around 2006 (Heisei 18) may vary in point.
In Chuo-toshokan, we possess after 1971 (Showa 46),
Other than that, the latest edition is all in library at map corner.
(3) Figure of city planning (Yokohama-shi and suburban city)
On map which showed contents of city planning, position, restricted zone, firebreak zone of city planning road are filled in.

4 and others, various map materials

Chuo-toshokan the third floor map corner

As for Japanese map, world map, overseas map, the world map of foreign book,
We can check Japan and world map.
In addition, "Japanese geologic map outline" "figure of 1/25000 urban area active fault,"
In "commercial and industrial map collection first Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama in the first half of the Showa era, Japan,"
There is map according to theme, too.

Material which there is any place other than 5 map corners about map

The first floor → City map and road map for rental, guide map of trip
The fourth floor → Information including how to read making technology and map about cartology about map
The fifth floor → Related information about place name and geography, travelogue and geographical book, ancient map
Rare possession material includes "chart".
Yokohama that developed by connection with the sea since the opening of a port as doorway to foreign countries.
In Chuo-toshokan, we collected charts as information about sea and port.
Chart is map of the sea which the Coast Guard made because ship goes on a voyage safely,
We list obstacles of the bottom of the sea other than the topography, beacon of the depth of the water and the shore.
As there are all the charts in library, after checking "(PDF: 288KB) with Municipal Central Library possession chart list,"
Visit at Chuo-toshokan the third floor counter.

To check map of Yokohama

"We know Yokohama"
We collected information to be helpful when we checked thing about native district including Yokohama-shi and Kanagawa
Other than "looking for map of Yokohama" that we introduce map, land handbook, aerial photograph of Yokohama with "we know Yokohama"
"We check the place name, name of a street of Yokohama" introduces "house map catalog in Chuo-toshokan possession Yokohama-shi".
In addition, on Chuo-toshokan the third floor, we possess Yokohama and material of Kanagawa relations
As there is "Yokohama material section", please inflect.
[guidance of "digital archive Yokohama's Memory"]
With 10,000 points or more digital images including illustrated map, history map, picture postcard,
Table of contents, index of native district material, native district magazine,
It is digital archive which we can search from keyword and chronological table.
As for the collecting contents, please see page of "digital archive Yokohama's Memory collecting contents introduction".

Note convenience collection of links

When we performed library, laws and ordinances, precedent, study including corporate information, we raised convenient sites.

Note convenience collection of links


In Chuo-toshokan, we work as maid (reference service) in search of necessary information using materials and database. If "desired information" "thing that we want to check" comes out in everyday work, please don't hesitate to ask. Let alone counter, we accept even telephone, E-mail.
The details about reference, please identify page of "reference".

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