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About the graded reopening of service of Yokohama City Library [June 24 update]

Last update date June 24, 2020

Current library service [from Wednesday, June 24]

Available service

  • Rental, return, reservation of book
  • Latest issue of magazine, reading of newspaper
  • New registration, update of library card
  • Entrance to reading floor
    (only child library room can use Midori Library for air conditioner repair construction. The detailsMidori Library websitePlease confirm in this.)
  • The use of seat
       We reduce the number of seats. I would like the use in minimum time.
  • The use of copier
  • Reference (reference to have time will reply later.)
  • The Internet, PC for online database reading
  • Group rental (when you wish to use, please connect with registered library beforehand.)

※About the preparations situation of reservation material, please confirm with online catalog page (the outside site) and information dial.

Service that is not available

  • Chuo-toshokan the first floor of the basement learning room, music picture library

Any place other than the library reservation material toward the receipt

Book agency service in Futamatagawa Station service counter in the city hall, Higashi-Totsuka Station service counter in the city hall reopens district centers.

Request in case of visit

  • Please cooperate with a small number of people, visit that you disperse.
  • Please take advantage of sojourn time short.
  • Please cooperate with a cough etiquette including wearing of mask.
  • As for the bad physical condition, please refrain from visit.
  • You carry out hand-washing, gargle thoroughly in visited front and back, and take precaution by yourself.
  • We may set a limit to entrance in rush hours.

For prevention of infection spread, I would like understanding, cooperation.

About event of library

Please refer to each library for event after July.
Please confirm inquiry to each library with list of libraries.

Inquiry to this page

Board of Education Secretariat Chuo-toshokan plan administration section

Telephone: 045-262-7334

Telephone: 045-262-7334

Fax: 045-262-0052

E-Mail address [email protected]

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