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We make toshokan card.
You scratch toshokanniaru "toshokan card moushikomisho", and please send to counter.

When we borrow book

You begin to lend toshokan card and book, and please send to counter.
One 6 satsu 2 syukankariraremasu.
Book is not borrowed when we forget toshokan card.

When we return book

Please publish book on henkyaku counter.
Please pour into toshokangashimatteirutokiha, the henkyaku post.

To look for book to want to read?

BookClassification orderWe line up in (bunruijun).
toshokanniaru computerClassification listLet's look for in (bunruihyo).
With computer, we can look for book to want to read from person who wrote the name and book of book.
Even page (Yokohama City Library online catalog page) (the outside site) in search of power book to chase is checked.
If book to be looking for is not found and may not know, please ask person from nandemotoshokanno!

When there were not toshokanni, book to want to read

Please open to yoyakumoushikomishonikaite, counter.
Oneself go out of toshokanniaru computer and can translate.


  • Black and whiteCopy is 1 (do potter's wheel)PieceIt is 10 yen (wind up)
  • As for the color copy, B5, A4, B4 size are 1Piece50 yen, A3 size are 1 (wind up)PieceIt is 80 yen (wind up)


  • Please do not lend friend toshokan card and book which you borrowed.
  • jushoyadenwabangogakawattatokiha, toshokannishirasetekudasai.
  • Let's keep day to return book.
  • Let's value book.
  • If lose this yatoshokan card, sugunitoshokannishirasetekudasai.
  • In toshokanno, you eat thing, and please do not drink.

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Telephone: 045-262-0050

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