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Book 50 with many reservations

Last update date July 28, 2020

Please note that you take considerable days until you can offer after making a reservation.

When you have the following book and can donate, bring to donation person in charge of library of neighborhood.
・・As for "we ask of book donation", please see this ・.

Book 50 with many reservations
Order The title of a book Author name The number of reservations
1 As for me, slightly blue in white in yellow (the outside site) Brede mikako/work 1458
2 Desired thread (the outside site) Keigo Higashino/work 1290
3 Guard (the outside site) of camphor tree Keigo Higashino/work 1281
4 The wandering moon (the outside site) The calm excellent;/work to say 1145
5 Snacks (the outside site) of lion Brook thread/work 1121
6 And baton was handed (the outside site) Seo Maiko/work 1064
7 FACTFULNESS (the outside site) Hans loss ring/work/aura loss ring/work 893
8 The setting sun (the outside site) Is Minato, or lose strength;/[work] 879
9 Heat source (the outside site) Soichi Kawagoe/work 787
10 kokubugoshinkagoden (the outside site) Miyuki Miyabe/work 728
11 North light (the outside site) Hideo Yokoyama/work 687
12 Fragment (the outside site) It is Minato or loses strength and wears/ 670
13 Juvenile delinquents/Shincho new book (the outside site) who are not sharp of cake Koji Miyaguchi/work 662
14 Samurai detective story (the outside site) that came that came Miyuki Miyabe/work 638
15 Silent parade (the outside site) Keigo Higashino/work 607
16 In exile travel diary (the outside site) Jiro Asada/work 605
17 The principle of anti-Japan family (the outside site) sumomoeikun/compilation 581
18 Seimei (the outside site) Bin Konno/work 571
19 Wheel track (the outside site) of crime Hideo Okuda/work 547
20 Ceremony (the outside site) of good-bye Miyuki Miyabe/work 539
21 Magical power /NEWSPICKS BOOK (the outside site) of memo Yuji Maeda/work 525
21 Month (the outside site) of flat area Asakura haze/work 525
23 Summer story (the outside site) The upper part of a river non-Eiko/work 489
24 Reverse Socrates (the outside site) Kotaro Isaka/work 478
25 Public holidays and festival days and feeling (the outside site) Riku Onda/work 470
26 In daimyo bankruptcy (the outside site) Jiro Asada/work 466
27 Exile travel diary bottom (the outside site) Jiro Asada/work 448
27 Knowledge (the outside site) of tsunagu thought person Mitsuki Tsujimura/work 448
29 Dark about domain (the outside site) Arimasa Osawa/work 438
30 Is it imagine? (the outside site) Arikawa Hiro/work 434
31 Woman (the outside site) of purple skirt Natsuko Imamura/work 429
32 Empress Yuriko Koike (the outside site) Taeko Ishii/work 406
33 Long, long ago in a certain place there was the body. (the outside site) Aoto Aoyagi/work 404
34 Spider (the outside site) of back Tetsuya Honda/work 404
35 Traffic batsman worn-out diary (the outside site) Koichi Kashiwa/work 390
36 From owner and I this (the outside site) Taro Yabe/work 380
36 Rules in flower arrangement (the outside site) *jikin/work/Nozomi Omori/reason 380
38 yo*kin and silver 8 cascade/Haruki library (the outside site) not to get tired of 髙deniku/work 375
39 We spend days from 58 years old small carefully (the outside site) Chocolate/work 364
40 Line draws me (the outside site) tojo**/work 362
41 Night/Kobunsha library (the outside site) of murder without criminal Keigo Higashino/work 356
42 In bee and distant thunder/illusion winter building library (the outside site) Riku Onda/[work] 355
43 Instruction manual/Kodansha +α new book (the outside site) of husband Ihoko Kurokawa/[work] 350
44 1982 birth, Kim jiyon (the outside site) chonamuju/work/Mariko Saito/reason 348
45 medium (the outside site) Aizawa sand call/work 338
46 In the god of the wind god of thunder (the outside site) Harada maha/work 337
47 Instruction manual/Kodansha +α new book (the outside site) of wife Ihoko Kurokawa/compilation 336
48 Because we die immediately (the outside site) Makiko Uchidate/work 324
49 King (the outside site) of whale head Kotaro Isaka/work 321
49 Daimyo bankruptcy bottom (the outside site) Jiro Asada/work 321

   (as of July 15, 2020)

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