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Book 50 with many reservations

Last update date March 26, 2019

Please note that you take considerable days until you can offer after it was made a reservation.

When you have the following book and can donate, bring to donation person in charge of library of neighborhood.
・・As for "we ask of book donation", please see this ・.

Book 50 with many reservations
Order The title of a book Author name The number of reservations
1 Silent parade (the outside site) Keigo Higashino/work 1646
2 kagamino helpless castle (the outside site) Mitsuki Tsujimura/work 1311
3 Because we die immediately (the outside site) Makiko Uchidate/work 1087
4 Bee and distant thunder (the outside site) Riku Onda/work 1060
5 We will cry without yesterday tomorrow (the outside site) Miyuki Miyabe/work 1046
6 Owner and I (the outside site) Taro Yabe/work 916
7 The future (the outside site) It is Minato or loses strength and wears/ 884
8 Fetal movement (the outside site) of magical power Keigo Higashino/work 846
9 The world (the outside site) without love Shion Miura/work 717
10 Takarajima (the outside site) Truth wisteria order length/work 701
11 North light (the outside site) Hideo Yokoyama/work 691
12 Downtown area rocket ghost (the outside site) Jun Ikeido/work 652
13 A certain man (the outside site) Keiichiro Hirano/work 638
14 How do comics you live (the outside site)? Genzaburo Yoshino/original/Shoichi Haga/comics 633
15 All course/Bunshun new book (the outside site) Kirin Kiki/work 629
16 Fugue yuga (the outside site) Kotaro Isaka/work 609
17 Season (the outside site) of book and key Yonezawa ear sincerity/work 583
18 First love (the outside site) Rio Shimamoto/work 581
19 Downtown area rocket shop hoop RAS (the outside site) Jun Ikeido/work 580
20 Instruction manual/Kodansha +α new book (the outside site) of wife Ihoko Kurokawa/compilation 563
21 nonohana communication (the outside site) Shion Miura/work 557
22 Oh, let bake; Japanese-style bound book (the outside site) Miyuki Miyabe/work 554
23 The masquerade night (the outside site) Keigo Higashino/work 528
24 Japan period (the outside site) Naoki Hyakuta/work 513
25 Murder (the outside site) of corpse person-so Masahiro Imamura/work 495
26 God fifth grader (the outside site) Violet/work 489
27 Sunflower (the outside site) on board Hiroko Yuzuki/work 486
28 Before coffee cools down (the outside site) Toshikazu Kawaguchi/work 480
29 House/illusion winter building library (the outside site) when mermaid sleeps Keigo Higashino/[work] 473
30 Broadcast (the outside site) It is Minato or loses strength and wears/ 460
31 And baton was handed (the outside site) Seo Maiko/work 454
32 Page 1 a day, culture 365 (the outside site) of the world to acquire just to read David S Kidder/work/Noah D Oppenheim/work 451
33 Glitter republic (the outside site) Brook thread/work 450
34 Because she is slow (the outside site) Himeno Kaoruko/work 444
35 In homosexual Deus (the outside site) yuvaru Noah stomach re/work/Hiroyuki Shibata/reason 440
36 The tropical zone (the outside site) We see forest and wear up Yoshihiko/ 438
37 Spring (the outside site) of field Teru Miyamoto/work 425
38 Ripples stop by (the outside site) Izumi Kisara/work 405
39 Non-DA row does not become; upper/Futaba library (the outside site) Yasuhide Saeki/work 400
40 It floats rootlessly, but is not depressed (the outside site) Harada maha/work 397
41 In magpie murder case/wound former inference library (the outside site) Anthony Horowitz/work/Ran Yamada/reason 393
42 Heisei, good-bye (the outside site) Kenji Furuichi/work 391
43 Berlin clears (the outside site) or Dark green chilly wind/work 390
44 Children who do not understand AI vs. textbook (the outside site) Noriko Arai/work 370
45 Meal operation strongest textbook (the outside site) that doctor teaches Zenji Makita/work 369
46 In sapiensu complete history (the outside site) yuvaru Noah stomach re/work/Hiroyuki Shibata/reason 368
47 The back (the outside site) of mirror Setsuko Shinoda/work 365
48 Non-DA row does not become; lower/Futaba library (the outside site) Yasuhide Saeki/work 364
49 In delight (the outside site) Mariko Hayashi/work 358
50 Finest loneliness/illusion winter building new book (the outside site) Akiko Shimoju/work 356

(as of March 15, 2019)

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