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Last update date April 30, 2019

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From book which entered library newly, carry recommended book every month; go.

May, 2019

Recommended book of this month


"Living of sparrow" cover image


Living of sparrow
Nobuaki Hirano/sentence, photograph
The Gospel building bookstore

*You are in detailed worth to carry, and what would you do when you click cover of book?
*Cover image which we used got licensing from publishing company. We cannot reprint without permission.

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*We publish book which we introduced after September, 2000.

◆Age reidesagasu
Infant (akachankarayochien)
We shoot ginger native and are, and calyx does not lie down
The elementary school third and fourth grades of elementary school
The elementary school upper grades
Junior high student
◆This noshuruidesagasu to want to read
Picture book
Story (show)

*Toward the protector
From published book, we introduce book which library recommends every month.
As compass to enjoy book of child, please inflect from small child to adult widely.

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