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Registration (when we borrow book for the first time)

Last update date April 9, 2019

Registration (issuance of library card)

Person who can register

  • Person who lives in Yokohama-shi, or goes to work, and goes to school
  • Person who lives in Kawasaki-shi, Yokosuka-shi, Kamakura-shi, Fujisawa-shi, Yamato-shi

Registration method

About rental

  • Registration, rental is free.
  • We borrow everywhere in the one of City Library and can return anywhere.
  • Library card is common in all Yokohama City Library. (issuance of one piece of one)
  • We can borrow by one piece of card for six books, two weeks.
  • In detail,Information for rental, returnPlease see page of this.


  • As for library card, one except the person is not usable.
  • When we do password registration, library card number, the date of birth, phone number is necessary. Please be careful about the handling enough.
  • It is five years on registration expiration date of library card. At the time of registration update, we confirm registration contents.

Confirmation document

The presentation of confirmation document is necessary/required procedures

  • Registration
  • Change of registration contents (address, full name)
  • Registration update
  • Report of loss of library card

Take document which name and address of applicant can see.

Example of confirmation document

  • Driver's license
  • Health insurance card
  • Proof documents (but as for copying of resident certificate, all certificate of family register (family register matter certificate) from issuance thing within three months) which the local government and government offices issue
  • Utilities receipt (from issuance thing within three months)
  • Student identification card, student handbook
  • Postmark is thing within three months with mail which arrived to applicant. (person in hope of confirmation, please show thing that bank cards can do identity verification with mail in total. But member's cards which do not pass through identity verification of publisher on issuing are excluded.)


  • When there is mention of expiration date, thing in expiration date is best.
  • Cases such as receipts, please show thing within three months from issue date.
  • Person who lives outside Yokohama-shi, and goes to school commuting in Yokohama-shi, please show document (employee ID card, student identification card, student handbook) which office, attending school can confirm in total.
  • It should be procedure by applicant. Inconvenient case can act for procedure by all means if it is family of living together.
  • When other than living together family goes through the procedure in substitution, other than confirmation document of applicant, take two points of next.
    • One's own book signed person (applicant) whom we entrustedProxy (word: 25KB)
    • Document which name and address of library card (thing that the person and address confirmation are completed) of proxy/agent or proxy/agent can see

When we register alone, and elementary school student, infant who is lower than primary schoolchild goes through the procedure

  • With mail which arrived to applicant, we can confirm name and address. When it is lower than primary schoolchild again (it is not necessary to have you put other identity verification documents together and show.), New Year's card without postmark is effective as confirmation document, too.
  • When protector visits together and registers, take confirmation documents such as health insurance cards.

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