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To library people concerned of outside the prefecture (information for Interlibrary Loan)

About material of this hotel possession, we accept application for Interlibrary Loan. When you wish to use, you have you be careful about the following points, and apply.

Last update date April 3, 2020

About rental by Interlibrary Loan out of Kanagawa

Material which does not accept rental

・Material which we possess in each capital way prefecture Pref.Library
(the capital way prefecture Pref.Library does not accept rental out of the hall and proposes when material of Yokohama-shi is hall outside rental possibility possibility)
・Valuable book, dictionary, dictionary, native district material, map, pictorial record, lists
・Periodicals (newspaper, bureaucrats public information, statistics, yearbooks)
・Video, microfilm, CD-ROM
・Thing which it is hard to transport, remarkable material of wear
・Material available easily
・Material which a reservation is made, and shows frequent use
・Than issuance material (reckon from issuance month) within one year
・Material which other directors appoint in particular

Rental period

As a general rule, from rental day less than 30 days (include during period required for mail)

The upper limit of rental score

It is less than ten books because of 1 building

Rental method

・Application building, please bear the round-trip postage.
・I send rental material by cash on delivery of Yu-Pack.

The handling of rental material

Materials with instructions in particular such as reading in hall, please obey the instructions.

Application method

・You mail the borrowing request book or please fax.
・You are addressed to central chief librarian, and please send the borrowing request book. Official seal unnecessary. Format does not matter.
・When you want material of library possession except the center, apply for Chuo-toshokan.
・We do not accept application from individual. Please ask through library of neighborhood.
・We do not handle especially during rearranging period.

Inquiry window

Municipal Central Library Service Section reservation charge
TEL: 045-262-0050
FAX: 045-231-8299

Inquiry to this page

Board of Education Secretariat Chuo-toshokan Service Section

Telephone: 045-262-0050

Telephone: 045-262-0050

Fax: 045-231-8299

E-Mail address [email protected]

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