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When registration method, email of e-mail address does not arrive

Last update date April 9, 2019

I send the following news by email when I register e-mail address.

  • We inform that we were able to offer reservation material.
  • If it becomes almost expiration date of library card, we will tell.
  • When deadline for return of material renting passes, we will tell.
  • We can receive information of new book (beforehandNew email registrationRegistration of condition is necessary for ";).

I would like setting so that email from "[email protected]" reaches e-mail address having you register.
When "email from library does not arrive", please refer to mogo for setting method.

1.From left upper login area of Yokohama City Library online catalog page (the outside site), you input "library card number" "password" [login], please click button. (figure 1)

2.[e-mail address registration/change] Please click button. (figure 2)

3.E-mail address registration/change screen is displayed. Please input e-mail address. For confirmation, please input e-mail address once again. You finished input [registration], and please click button. (figure 3)

4.Screen of e-mail address application completion is displayed. Please click "we return to initial screen". (figure 4)

5.The following email reaches e-mail address that input. Within one week, please access URL in the email text. (figure 5)

6.Please input "user number" (card number of library) and "password". You finished input [confirmation], and please click button. (figure 6)

7.E-mail address registration completion screen is displayed. Registration is completion in this. (figure 7)

When E-mail does not arrive

When E-mail does not arrive, the following cause is thought about mainly.

  1. E-mail address is input mistakenly.
    Please confirm address registered just to make sure.
  2. We make junk email measures (domain-designated reception, reception permission).
    Please make setting (you add address) so that email reception from [email protected] is enabled.
  3. Transmission and reception of email is stopping by apparatus maintenance of provider of the use now.
    Please confirm notices such as homepages of provider.

※When we do e-mail address registration from cell-phone, we may cause mojibake in a part of the letter of registered address. Registration of e-mail address hopes that you go from search machine for user of PC and library.

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