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Transfer to group, facility

Last update date March 8, 2020

Business of 2019 was finished

Business of 2019 was finished.
When we carry out business after 2020, we will tell again.

We hand over information about library and do!

We hand over material which we did not use in library to group and facility moving into action in Yokohama-shi and do.


It is next group, facility that is.

  • Regional society working for the purpose of promotion of group registering and local book-reading activities of group rental in Yokohama-shi, the workplace group, social education affiliate
  • Social welfare facility where activity is based in in Yokohama-shi, facilities such as hospital, clinics , school, restitution center or group


Municipal Central Library investigation Documentation Section re-utilization charge
Telephone: 045-262-7336
Fax: 045-262-0054
E-mail: [email protected]

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Board of Education Secretariat Chuo-toshokan investigation Documentation Section

Telephone: 045-262-7336

Telephone: 045-262-7336

Fax: 045-262-0054

E-Mail address [email protected]

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