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Yokohama-shi partnership oath system

Targeting at sexual minority and virtually married holding trouble and straight kizurasao, we begin "Yokohama-shi partnership oath system" without we do not report the marriage by various circumstances based on idea of "Yokohama-shi human rights measure basics guideline" or there being.

Last update date August 3, 2020

Information for system start

We start grants such as oath and "partnership written oath receipt" at 9:00 on Monday, December 2, 2019 (advance reservations are necessary).

Summary of system

For sexual minority and the virtually married life which took an oath in being relations cooperating as partner mutually, Yokohama-shi is system to issue "partnership written oath receipt" and "partnership written oath receipt certification card" (only as for the applicant) each other.
For details, please see "procedure guidebook" (PDF: 1,135KB).

Requirements of oath

Sexual minority and virtually married two people who correspond to all next.

  • It reaching the adulthood
  • Being Yokohama citizen. Or one being citizen, and the other being doing transference plan (less than three months)
  • Do not marry
  • There not being and partnership relations except manus
  • Do not be close relatives

Reservation reception desk

Please reserve oath day by telephone or email beforehand to Civic Affairs Bureau human rights section (in the contact information, following).
In addition, it takes around one hour for oaths.
※By 7 days before principle of day when oath is hoped for (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays), please make a reservation.
 In addition, we accept reservation for three months of oath preferred date.


  • Phone number 045-671-2718
  • Reception hours weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00 ※On Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays are excluded on Saturday


  • E-Mail address [email protected]
  • We accept for Reception hours 24 hours, but, about email that arrived other than the Hours, reply by email after open, the following day agency day.
  • Reservation is established at stage when we got confirmation such as oath day, time.

In mail sending, please fill in the following contents.

  • Until the third hope of oath preferred date, time (the morning or the afternoon) (e.g.,: in the request for first morning of December 3, 2019)
  • Full name (furigana) of two that it is sworn
  • Contact information of representative in the daytime

※About time, tell about hope in the ① "morning" (from 9:00 to 12:00) or the ② "afternoon" (from 13:00 to 17:00).
※By status, we may not meet requirements.

Passage of day of the oath

  1. You have required documents, and there are two people on the date and time when we made a reservation, and please give me the next agency to Yokohama-shi government building. (the location: 6-50, Honcho, Naka-ku) 
  2. City officials confirm whether you meet requirements of oath by required documents having you submit. Please submit conformity to requirements after filling out written oath after the confirmation.
  3. Without defects, we attach copy of written oath, and "partnership written oath receipt" issues "receipt of partnership written oaths proof card" (only in you like).

Required documents

Documents necessary for oath are as follows. In addition, we may ask for submission of documents that the mayor admits that it is necessary besides.

  1. For each one document (copying of resident certificate or resident certificate items mentioned certificate) which confirm the present address
  2. In fact, for each one document (certificate of partial family register) which prove that we do not marry
  3. For documents (driver's license, my number card, passport) that identity verification is possible two people

※Thing issued within three months is best as for 1, 2.
※As back order may take time as for 2 when permanent address is out of Yokohama-shi, please be careful.
 For details, please confirm in Family Registry Section window of the local government with permanent address.
※Thing in expiration date is best as for 3 about thing with expiration date.

Notice matter

  • Grant documents do not have legal effect.
  • It does not cost oath, fee by receipt issuance. But fee about the acquisition of submission documents including copying of resident certificate is self-pay.

Re-grant, return

In the case of re-grant, return after oath, please make a reservation for telephone or email beforehand to Civic Affairs Bureau human rights section (in the contact information, following).

About re-grant

When re-grant is hoped for, by unavoidable circumstances such as loss fried loss, full name change, we issue based on "application for re-issue books (PDF: 55KB) such as partnership written oath receipts" again from oath day if it is less than five years.

About return

Cases that did not correspond to eligible people requirements, please return "reports of return (PDF: 54KB) such as partnership written oath receipts" and "partnership written oath receipt" which they issued to Civic Affairs Bureau human rights section.

Material which is multiple languages edition

We made translation material to have foreign citizen's all of you understand contents of system. [English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character), the Hangul Alphabet]

In Yokohama-shi, we offer thing which translated mention content of written oath and written oath receipt.
If you like, tell at the time of reservation. In addition, we perform desk work about oath in Japanese.

The oath situation

The number of oaths

The number of partnership oaths is as follows.
101 (as of the end of July, 2020)

Public announcement of partnership oath that we invalidated

There is no partnership oath that the mayor invalidated by regulations of "summary about the handling of Yokohama-shi partnership oath" Article 9 Paragraph 1 now.


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