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To deepen understanding to crime victims

Last update date February 10, 2020

Encountering 1 crime damage

As for many people, "it is unrelated to oneself" may think, "it cannot happen to oneself" about crime damage.
But it is involved in crime and accident overnight, and it loses life, and it is possible for anyone to get injured.

As well as damage itself by crimes, we hold various problems (secondary damage) when we encounter crime damage by having been in damage. In addition, recovery from damage takes long time.

Please think about encountering crime damage as our problem slowly and carefully once.

We work even on Yokohama-shi so that problem and understanding to feelings that victim and the family (called "victims" as follows.) have advance, and ring of support spreads little by little.

Various problems to occur to 2 crime victims and family

(1) Mental and physical disorder

It is too sudden, and, about what we cannot expect, human being cannot deal well. Therefore it is in a situation that neither body nor heart changes.

As a result, it seems that we are absentminded from people in circumference and, on the contrary, we are cold and may be seen calmly. In addition, memory becomes vague and may be in a condition not to be able to understand story.

Many people whom crime damage included experience these mental and physical disorder.

There is person whom mental disorder and physical disorder follow after shock just after damage calmed down. When we follow for a long time, it is necessary to consider talking with medical institutions such as Psychiatry.

(2) Problem in life

  • Difficulties such as work or school

For mental physical damage, small mistakes increase by work and study, and efficiency declines and may hold problem such as not doing well at relations with work friend and friend of school.

  • Unwilling moving and problem of house

When there is unbearable mental pain by case and rumor of neighborhood that home became the case spot, for cases that there is a threat of re-damage, we move to, and the residence place may be necessary any place other than the home.

  • Economical problem

Income including case becoming difficult is cut off, and employment of person of living maintenance may be poor for injury, psychological shock by case to lose person of living maintenance by crime damage and crime damage economically.

Just after damage, taxi fare to hurry in the police or hospital, the present expenditure including funeral costs when we died, expense for treatment are caused. Furthermore, it is burden or may hang economically for the future when long-term medical treatment and care are necessary.

In addition, as for the expenditure of expense (transportation expenses or copying, legal fee of records of a lawsuit) for suit, big; burden.

We may not receive what compensation without assailant being able to receive the indemnity in insolvent case even if we win the case in civil trial to affect request for compensation for damages.

  • Family-related change

Not only the person who received crime damage but also family is shocked and is apt to lose mental room assisting each other.

In addition, how to feel about stress of family each person and how to accept and way of thinking about damage in each of feelings express, and tiff occurs among families because and coping method are different, and do not rarely face in-home crisis.

When crime victim is child, and there are brothers, parent cannot afford to pour brothers enough love, and influence on brothers may come out later.

(3) Scratch by behavior of neighboring people

When slander from neighboring people and sensational question are done, and it is said to the rumor and victim side who are different from fact that there might have been anything fault, we are hurt very much.

Though is not at all civil trial to cause only for money, such as "I may want money" was wrong; as is looked from a viewpoint, victims are injured more.

(4) Further damage from assailant

When "there is not apology from assailant at all" touches with "manner of reflection is not seen in assailant" for situation, "assailant insists on buck-passing at trial", pain such as victims further grows big.

In addition, many victims live a life with anxiety and fear that harm such as retaliation from assailant may be given to.

(5) Various problems (burden) accompanied with the investigation, trial

The investigation is hard to remember case each time because cannot but explain case many times on trying; feel.

Furthermore, it is temporal, and burden is forced to for the investigation in the police and prosecution, hearing, testimony, statement of trial physically and puts the body in place of new court by criminal trial, and mental burden such as claim "having problem with toward the victim" being sometimes told by defense lawyer of assailant may be forced to.

In the civil trial to affect request for compensation for damages, we do not rarely face legal cost, labor, many difficulties including burden of time either.

[reference] Cabinet Office crime victims measure promotion room making "support for crime victims handbook model idea"

Because do not further hurt 3 crime victims; ... secondary relation not to damage -

In secondary damage, case from neighboring people, eyes and inquiry of curiosity for accident hurt victims most.

Here, we will think about feelings and consideration of people whom crime damage included based on concrete conversation example together.

Concrete conversation example
ExplanationConversation example
Inappropriate example"We do not feel uncomfortable at you alone."
CommentaryIt is very hard that damage contents are compared with other victims. It is necessary to just catch victims.
Inappropriate example"Let's forget to be hot early."
CommentaryRecovery takes time. However, victims cannot show own feeling obediently when said, "we forget to be early." and hold sense of separateness and are connected in holding problem alone.
Inappropriate exampleEven if "I regret that we have got up, there is no help for it."
CommentaryVictims even just have feeling of ineffectualness and guilty conscience that they were not able to do anything for. We promote a feeling of feeling of ineffectualness and self-reproach when said, "there is no help for it even if sorry.", and it is in thing driving victims more and more.
Inappropriate example"Life was saved and must think that it was good."
CommentaryAs life was saved, it is not that damage is light.
Person except victim cannot label the degree about what victim experienced. It is important to think about fear or bitterness that the victim experienced.
Inappropriate example"Did you not have bad place either?."
CommentaryThey are killed to be what kind of situation, and they are injured, and they are deceived, and people who may lose sexual freedom are not. Therefore what should be criticized is assailant.
Originally victims tend to blame oneself. It points out fault of victim, and it will drive victim more and more we hold to account, and to squeeze up.

◆When we are considerate of position of victim, and words are not found, you snuggle up near calmly, and please watch.◆

Help 4 victims

The situation that victims were placed in is different individually. Recovery from damage is not simple thing. As heart weakens as for the person whom damage included, it is easy to be hurt at all and thinks that people in circumference are good why, or it is not often revealed. If it is not the person concerned, it may not be understood.

However, you may do something, too.

It takes problem that victims have to isolate victim, and not to need to suffer alone, and it is connected for help to be going to understand feelings of victim.

And there is little that there is you, and please help if it actually turns out that we are in trouble. There is a lot of being helped by even everyday life being casual.

But what feeling and victim whom you want to work as expect may be different. Please respect feeling of partner then without forcing own feeling.

Movement such as countries about support such as 5 crime victims

Movement such as countries about support such as crime victims
The name of an eraYearContents
Showa1955 (1980)Crime victims establish the benefit supply method
HeiseiEight years (1996)We devise crime victim summary in the Metropolitan Police Department
In agency "setting in crime victim measures room"
HeiseiTen years (1998)National victim support network establishment
Heisei11 years (1999)As for the victims in the Public Prosecutor's Office, it is enforced notice system
Support for crime victims Committee is set up by the government
Heisei12 years (2000)The crime victim protection two method establishment
(the Criminal Procedure Codes revised law, crime victim protection law)
The revised Juvenile Act, the stoker regulation method establishment
Heisei13 years (2001)The prevention of spouse violence method establishment
Heisei16 years (2004)Crime victims establish fundamental law
Heisei17 years (2005)Cabinet Office crime victims establish measure promotion room
The first crime victims devise basic plan
Heisei21 years (2009)Kanagawa crime victims establish general consultation counter
(Kanagawa crime victim support station)
Heisei23 years (2011)The second crime victims devise basic plan
Heisei24 years (2012)Yokohama-shi crime victim counselor's office establishment
Heisei25 years (2013)Part of stoker regulation method revision
Heisei28 years (2016)Measure transfers crime victims from Cabinet Office to the National Public Safety Commission (the National Police Agency)
The third crime victims devise basic plan

About 6 crime victims week

We are doing December 1 every year with crime victim week from November 25.

For crime victim week, it is intended that we deepen understanding of the nation about importance of consideration to honor such as the situation or crime victim whom crime victims are placed in or peace of life through conduct such as concentrated enlightenment business in the period concerned.

In Yokohama-shi, we put together for crime victim week and perform publicity work and, through lectures, perform enlightenment to citizen's widely.

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