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Radiation dose result of a measurement of ward government building, public hall

Last update date March 11, 2020

The measurement contents

In ward government building, the public hall of each ward, we measured γ (gamma) dose of radioactivity of surface of the earth 1cm and 50cm at point that might become Mike Rothe pot around facility.

Radiation dose measurement (the Mike Rothe pot investigation) result

We settle result of a measurement for each ward.

※We would like inquiry about each facility in contact information of each ward jurisdiction section.

(Reception hours: for from Monday to Friday 8:45-17:15)

≪Result of a measurement and contact information≫
The measurement facilityJurisdiction sectionTelephoneFAX
Tsurumi Ward (PDF: 40KB)Ward government buildingTsurumi Ward General Affairs Division045-510-1654045-510-1889
Public hall※For facility established in private building, we do not measure.
Kanagawa Ward (PDF: 45KB)Ward government buildingKanagawa Ward General Affairs Division045-411-7011045-324-5904
Public hallKanagawa Ward Regional Promotion Division045-411-7095045-323-2502
Nishi Ward (PDF: 48KB)Ward government buildingNishi Ward General Affairs Division045-320-8307045-322-9847
Public hallNishi Ward Regional Promotion Division045-320-8393045-322-5063
Naka Ward (PDF: 48KB)Ward government buildingsNaka Ward General Affairs Division045-224-8112045-224-8109
The opening of a port memory hallNaka Ward Regional Promotion Division045-224-8135045-224-8215
Minami Ward (PDF: 42KB)Ward government building, public hallMinami Ward General Affairs Division045-341-1225045-241-1151
Konan Ward (PDF: 43KB)Ward government building, public hallKonan Ward General Affairs Division045-847-8306045-841-7030
Hodogaya Ward (PDF: 48KB)Ward government buildingHodogaya Ward General Affairs Division045-334-6205045-334-6390
Public hallHodogaya Ward Regional Promotion Division045-334-6305045-332-7409
Asahi Ward (PDF: 43KB)Ward government buildingAsahi Ward General Affairs Division045-954-6011045-951-3401
Public hallAsahi Ward Regional Promotion Division045-954-6094045-955-3341
Isogo Ward (PDF: 43KB)Ward government building, public hallIsogo Ward General Affairs Division045-750-2313045-750-2530
Kanazawa Ward (PDF: 46KB)Ward government building, public hallKanazawa Ward General Affairs Division045-788-7708045-786-0934
Kohoku Ward (PDF: 46KB)Ward government building, public hallKohoku Ward General Affairs Division045-540-2208045-540-2209
Midori Ward (PDF: 46KB)Ward government building, public hallMidori Ward General Affairs Division045-930-2208045-930-2209
Aoba Ward (PDF: 49KB)Ward government buildingAoba Ward General Affairs Division045-978-2228045-978-2410
Public hallAoba Ward Regional Promotion Division045-978-2294045-978-2413
Tsuzuki Ward   (PDF: 44KB)Ward government building, public hallTsuzuki Ward   General Affairs Division045-948-2213045-948-2208
Totsuka Ward (PDF: 51KB)Ward government buildingTotsuka Ward General Affairs Division045-866-8306045-881-0241
Public hallTotsuka Ward Regional Promotion Division045-866-8415045-864-1933
Sakae Ward (PDF: 73KB)Ward government buildingSakae Ward General Affairs Division045-894-8313045-895-2260
Public hallSakae Ward Regional Promotion Division045-894-8393045-894-3099
(from March 31, 2012)
Izumi Ward (PDF: 43KB)Ward government building, public hallIzumi Ward General Affairs Division045-800-2314045-800-2505
Seya Ward (PDF: 41KB)Ward government building, public hallSeya Ward General Affairs Division045-367-5611045-366-9657

[measuring instrument]

(1) NHC7 (FUJI ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.)

Detector NaI (Tl) scintillation detector

(2) Model3 type (Orient medikku)

Detector NaI (Tl) scintillation detector

(3) Mr.GammaA2700 type (clear pulse)

Detector CsI (Tl) scintillation detector

(4) PA-1000Radi (HORIBA)

Detector CsI (Tl) scintillation detector

[reference] "Indication" of Motoichi result of a measurement
Higher surface of the earthYokohama-shi
1mWe cope using 0.23μSv/h or more as an indication
50cmWe cope using 0.23μSv/h or more as an indication
(when it is 0.23μSv/h or more, we measure even 1m)
1cmWe cope using 0.59μSv/h or more as an indication

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Telephone: 045-671-2326

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