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Access to house of Kamigo, forest

Last update date November 5, 2019

House access of Kamigo, forest

  • In the case of use of car

We go to rainfall, big boat, the national rice field area in Yokohama-Yokosuka Road "Asahina interchange".
In cyclic Route 4, "house of Kamigo, forest is in front" of the traffic light through tunnel; in right turn, around two minutes to parking lot.
125 parking lots (pay) are in facility

  • In the case of use of public transport

It is shinnachu bus from shinnachu bus Kanazawa-Hakkei Station line, Keikyu Kanazawa-Hakkei Station from JR Ofuna Station Kasama Exit
It is "house of Kamigo, forest" drop off walk around seven minutes in Ofuna Station line, Kamigo, neopolis line and Shodo bank
(time required 20-30 minutes of bus)

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