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Designation name temple

Last update date August 22, 2018

The country designated historic spot "designation name temple precincts"

Photograph of designation name temple


◇Position: 212-1, Kanazawacho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi others

◇Historic spot-designated history
[1] 1922 (1922) October 12 63,956 square meters in area
Name: "shomeijinaikaifu, kinsawashihakaoyobikaisanshinkaijojinishitayodaito"
Reason: All the buildings at the time came to decadence, but earth mound, fieldwork, abyth, garden and pond remain, and trace of Ritsu sect temple prevention against evil in our country is best one of the saved things. In addition, five-ring tower of Kanazawa clan or less and kaisanshinkaijojinishitayodai or treasure box mark tower is worth at true time in temple area out of the prevention against evil if we see grave system at the time.

[2] 1972 (1972) January 31 91,289 square meters in area
Name: "The designation name temple precincts" (change)
Reason: Designation in 1922 appointed range of clean level with (1323) "description of designation name temple illustrated map regular prevention against evil" (designation name temple storehouse, important cultural property) in 1323. The original precincts ground was larger than this and appointed minor Zen temple area that reached Deva gate from neighboring mountain levels and outer gate more and changed name in addition in the designation name temple precincts.

◇Management group designation
1923 (1923) December 23 nichishinnakawakenkyuryokigunkinsawamura
1936 (1936) October 1 Yokohama-shi (Sawamura Kim is admitted into Yokohama-shi)
1950 (1950) August 29 Yokohama-shi (designated continuation by new law)


Designation name temple is gold lot (kintakusan) designation name temple. Buddha's preach about truth Ritsu sect, special Motoyama. It is family temple of Kanazawa (kanesawa) Hojo. The foundation age of designation name temple is not clear, but it is said that Sanetoki Hojo (fertility seed time) (1224-1276) developed from jibutsudo dedicated to the three Amida divinities in house of Mutsuura-so. In fruit, we get ceremony of ceremony of initiation in jibutsudo in (1258) in 1258, and there is record that we erected designation name temple again in (1259) in 1259. We successively held important duty of the Shogunate including assistant judge and member of the supreme court of the Shogunate and, in fruit, supported Hojo profit head family with grandchild of regent Yoshitoki Hojo politically for Kamakura Shogunate two generations and we had a profound knowledge of study and we moved Japanese and Chinese book which we collected to Mutsuura from Kamakura and made the basics of Kanazawabunko. In fruit, we were converted to eison (eison) of Saidaiji, Nara and changed designation name temple to Buddha's preach about truth Ritsu sect from previous Nenbutsu sect of Buddhism and invited shinkaijojin (we carry Shinkai appoint) (1232-1304) of country Yakushi-ji Temple which went out of power. Oblation did land inside and outside the temple, and kokenji (we get tired) (1248-1301) in fruit erected principal idol Maitreya-bodhisattva statue (important cultural property) and ko*ken (sadaaki) (1278-1333) of kenji performed re-building of Buddhist monastery and made for expansion, development of temple. "Designation name temple illustrated map" of (1323) comprises Kon-do and hall, bell tower, the seven regular buildings of a Buddhist temple including Deva gate around central garden and pond in 1323 and conveys view on grand temple at the time. Particularly, it is said that format to divide pond into east and west from south Deva gate, and to cross arched bridge, Nakajima, Taira Bridge, and to reach Kon-do is valuable as last irei of Jodo type garden constructed flourishingly after the Heian middle.
We received the Emperor Godaigo and Kamakura Shogun, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, protection of man of power in Ieyasu Tokugawa and others after (1333) Hojo extinction in 1333, but temple luck greatly declined for Edo period without recovering.
Excavation and preservation maintenance business of designation name temple garden, garden and pond were performed for ten years in 1978 by (1978) degree, and arched bridge was restored based on "designation name temple illustrated map" in Taira Bridge, 1961 in 1985, and we hung in the next year, and maintenance of restoring of garden was performed. However, rebuilding of arched bridge was carried out in Taira Bridge, 2008 in 2007 as bridge had deterioration, rot under the influence of the later wind and rain.

[access] ※As there is not parking lot in designation name temple, please use the following public transport.

・It is about 15 minutes on foot from Keikyu "Kanazawabunko" station East Exit or "designation name temple" gets off by "Shibamachi" line bus
・It is about 15 minutes on foot from Kanazawa Seaside Line "Uminokoenshibaguchi" station

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