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As for the setups in 2019 made with place to stay of Yokohama-shi child, it is support subsidy

Last update date June 9, 2020

With "support subsidy as for the setups made with place to stay of Yokohama-shi child"

 We issue subsidy for the making of place to stay of local voluntary child and raise the social time for local approach, and this subsidy is intended that we support the foundation and expansion of approach of place to stay (as follows "child restaurants") of local children such as so-called "child dining room".
For more details, and, as for "the setups made with place to stay of Yokohama-shi child, as for "the making of place to stay setups of Yokohama-shi child, please see support subsidy offer information (PDF: 665KB) support subsidy grant summary" (PDF: 172KB) in 2019".

2019 subsidy grant group
  Group name Approach name Approach contents Activity place
1 Petit house Pop restaurant Child restaurant Shimonagaya, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi


Petit house Local restaurant blue grandfather Child restaurant Shimokuratacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi
3 Day of day ke of child restaurant fine weather Day of day ke of child restaurant fine weather Child restaurant Oimatsucho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
4 Kamoi child restaurant pakupaku Kamoi child restaurant pakupaku Child restaurant Kamoi, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi community care plaza
5 Town development club of all NPO corporations Moon ichikare, moon ichiranchi Child restaurant Kamiyabe, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi district center
6 Town development club of all NPO corporations Cram school which is heated where Kamiyabe breeds in Learning support Kamiyabe, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi district center
7 muutan cram school muutan cram school Learning support Mutsuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi community care plaza

Subsidy application requirements

Target group

 There is plan we perform approach for the purpose of the making of place to stay of child in imminent area voluntarily in the Yokohama city or to perform and intends for group, group which meets all the following contents.

  • Being single group, group.
  • Publicizing activity contents and plan, and announcing.
  • Not being against public order and morals and not being group, group about specific political activity or religious activity.
  • Past not having illegal career.
  • Gang (law (1991 law No. 77 about prevention of unfair act by gangster. We say "law" as follows and say gang to prescribe to) Article 2 No. 2, and there do not be not being), person corresponding to gangster (say gangster prescribed in law Article 2 No. 6.) again in group, group.

Target approach

 We assume below applicable approach to carry out in the Yokohama city.

  • It being anticipated that it is anticipated that we raise child restaurants newly and move into action two times a month or more continuously or that we work two times a month or more continuously when already within twice a month carry out child dining rooms. (for "setup" or child dining room performing ") increase (two times a month of the conduct number of times" or more before 2019.)
  • Entrance fee being free of charge or cheapness (the actual expenses equivalency degree).
  • Do not receive grant of this business subsidy in the past.


  • Approach receiving assistance, the furtherance and trust from Yokohama-shi (including ward office) is inapplicable.
  • It is not intended for approach receiving assistance, the furtherance and trust from country, other local public entities, those affiliated organizations and other public groups in principle, but may do with assistance object business to expense to allot when we admit that we receive grant except the subsidy concerned in the regulations of other subsidies when there is not overlap.

Target expense

Target expense
Division Contents
Remuneration costs Compensation (please assume sum appropriate under normal social conventions according to the past results.) for person except group member such as volunteer or lecturer
Expendable supplies costs Expense to affect the purchase such as article with less than 30,000 yen in unit price, expendable supplies for desk work
Print binding costs Expense to affect printing of printed matter (flyer, poster)
Communication transportation costs Expense to affect mail accompanied with business, delivery, transport
Transportation expenses Public transport, taxi fare costs
The fee for use Expense to affect the fee for use such as venue or device to use in approach
Food costs
Original material cost
Expense to affect the stocking, the purchase such as food, ingredients to use in approach
Premium Expense to affect participation of event insurance accompanied with holding of volunteer activity and approach
Other expenses Expense (expenses to affect food hygiene person in charge class attendance) to admit that The Mayor of Yokohama is particularly necessary for expense except the above

  1. Please consult about thing which does not fulfill the classification mentioned above for other expenses.
  2. Please use articles which you purchased for subsidy for the approach concerned.
  3. Copy of documents proving expenditure such as receipts is necessary for grant of subsidy.
       Requirements of receipt of supporting target expense
  • Being inner during period when date of receipt is targeted for approach (from September, 2019 to March 31, 2020)
  • Address of receipt documents becoming application approach name (as for "the name used on a receipt instead of the real name of a payer", impossible)
  • Items being listed (as for "the article charges", impossible)
  • It being specified that we take place of receipt documents in the case of receipt

As for the details, as for "the setups in 2019 made with place to stay of Yokohama-shi child, please see subscription for support subsidies guidance".

The amount of supporting upper limit

  • Supporting amount of money: Less than 100,000 yen per 1 approach
  • Supporting ratio: 10/10

When supporting target expense is 100,000 yen or less, we assume sum of the target expense concerned.

Supporting expense that excludes

 The following expense does not become a target supporting.

  • Expense not to be related to approach to receive eating and drinking costs and entertainment costs for the purpose of the friendship of group member, this subsidy including contribution, expense account to other groups exclusively, and to carry out directly
  • The Internet expense, telephone bill, gasoline cost of privately-owned car
  • Ordinary expense of group including management expense of office required for maintenance, administration such as groups and expense necessary for daily activity
  • Compensation, personnel expenses to group member
  • Sundry expenses that purpose is not clear, desk work costs, discretionary reserve
  • It is similar to the purchase of simple articles
  • Receipt documents do not meet the above-mentioned requirements
  • We do with supporting expense excluding about expense that it is inappropriate under normal social conventions not to be other gorgeous articles, venues, food, ingredients.

 We assume supporting expense excluding about expense inappropriate under normal social conventions.

Period when is targeted for approach

 From September, 2019 to March 31, 2020
 Start approach by January, 2020 at the latest, for three months until the end of March, the same year, is line by the above-mentioned approach continuously twice a month 
 It becomes ukotoga condition.

Application method

Deadline for application

 Groups examining application, please submit the following documents setting "setups made with place to stay of Yokohama-shi child of support subsidy grant summary" (as follows "subsidy summary") to the secretariat to the secretariat (the Child and Youth Bureau Private School Planning Division) by deadline for following application.

  • The first: Thursday, October 31, 2019
  • The second: Friday, December 27, 2019

 In the case of a lot of application, please note that you may regulate amount of money within the budget in the deadline for each application. In addition, in the case of a lot of application, we may not accept the second application in the deadline for the first application.

Submission documents


 The secretariat City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau Private School Planning Division
 Location zip code 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
 Telephone 045-671-4281 fax 045-663-8061

Submission method

 Mail or carry-on
 In the case of carry-on, please contact beforehand.

After the application

Decision of grant

 We perform documents examination, selection and decide target approach and sum. About the amount of right or wrong of grant of subsidy and subsidy grant, we are going to make news (subsidy grant decision notification or supporting gold non-grant decision notification) by one month later of deadline for each application.

Documents to submit after the approach conduct

Please submit the next documents by 1 Monday, April 6, 2020.

About requirements such as supporting target receipts, as for "the making of place to stay setups of 2019 Yokohama-shi child, please see support subsidy offer information" (PDF: 665KB).

After the acceptance of "subsidy grant decision notification" sent after 2 results report submissions, please submit the next documents.

 We issue subsidy based on the request concerned. Subsidy includes swing to bank account.
 Depending on the fund situation such as groups, we can issue subsidy by payment in advance. In that case, please return surplus amount of money when surplus occurs with grant amount of money from decision amount of money.

About personal information, information disclosure

  • We use personal information that we got by selection, desk work work including contact to the person from application.
  • We may not use other than the purpose mentioned above without agreement of the person unless we recognize in laws and ordinances.
  • Groups which received grant of subsidy are going to announce names such as groups and summary of approach through websites of City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau.

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