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Coverage report kitchen umechan [Isogo Ward] about local approach

Last update date February 7, 2020

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Kitchen umechan [Isogo Ward]
Publication day 2019.03.26

"It wants to be helpful for child!"

We heard story from Nakajima of "kitchen umechan" held twice a month in "Shinsugita interchange space" adjacent to Shinsugita community care plaza representative.
Until now local action is it not possible for anything which is useful for child more after school while associated with child in kids club more than ten years? We were thinking about this vaguely. It knew child dining room in opportunity to have participated in "child dining room setup workshop" which Isogo Ward government office and Isogo Ward Council of Social Welfare held in 2017 and launched "kitchen umechan" in six people who had the same will that we met there in 2018.

umechanha "Ume Sugita" noumechan!

"Ume Sugita" that origin of restaurant name is famous for Sugita. We seemed to have the name that we put "chan" and were easy to get close to.
Pretty original umechan mark to be seen in everywhere including decoration of the chest and wall of apron.
Smile of staff was charming and was very cozy atmosphere.

Today's menu is hijikia fusiformis salad to pilaf, cream stew of tuna and tomato.
Taste that is easy to have it say that it is no good as pilaf is cooked with rice cooker, and stew is made with rice flour, and is kind at all. Hijikia fusiformis salad could choose favorite dressing from three kinds of dressing and was menu which not only was delicious, but also was minded for nutrition side and meal beyasusa, allergy measures.
There was space that did origami in parent and child after a meal, and could be idle, and space that could be relaxed while feeling season by consideration such as decoration of flowers and reception desk, wall treated by table was directed. By consideration only by staff touched child with by area or work for many years and distinguished teamwork, comfortable place to stay full of smiles was completed.

We have a good day a lot when we come here!

Smile of "delicious!" children seems to be the nicest. The principal and area of school sometimes mind and drop in and seem to have possibilities to get letter from children.

Thank you for always cooking rice “. As we were scared, but everybody was gentle, we were relieved to feel scared when we began. Rice is delicious, too. We have a good day a lot when we come here, thank you! "
Saying "consideration to write letter and slight words playing casually encourage all the staff really for joy."; Nakajima.

Feel much local support

"We can continue running thanks to support of ward office and ward Council of Social Welfare from setup smoothly to this day.
In addition, saying strongly strongly think that want to continue activity to be able to utilize as local place to stay as, besides, have support from many people in Lions Club and local company, Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association, the truth including food bank; Nakajima.

Figure that appreciation to supporter, support group was emphasized by own trouble in other place was impressive and felt that one after another a person's ring would spread by this positive posture and of smile.


Please come to eat casually when we eat hot rice together as it is delicious!
Still come here now even if small if we eat rice alone when we grew up! It is place to stay of all here.

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