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Coverage report raw wheat child restaurant "table of all" about local approach [Namamugi, Tsurumi-ku]

Last update date March 13, 2020

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Raw wheat child restaurant "table of all" [Namamugi, Tsurumi-ku]
Publication day 2018.11.26

"Feast that pleasant conversation is very happy!" But, it is motto

We heard story from Yanase of "raw wheat child restaurant" held in Namamugi community care plaza twice a month.
For 12 years, we ran open space "hanahanahiroba" of gathering of parent and children and did child care support. There were many relations with non-school children in that and had thought to want to watch growth of the children more. In addition, including child of one-parent family and eating alone, staying alone old man do not usually look like eyes, but want to help people existing surely. In addition, "pleasant conversation received the certification of NPO corporation in motto with the best feast" from thought to want to value contact with people and person and started activity in September, 2018.

Catch phrase "table of all"

It is the name called "raw wheat child restaurant", but works by catch phrase called "table of all" with meaning to be allowed to come in not only child but also anyone. As for listening to voice of "another helping of!" children every time, it is encouragement of "strenuous efforts" staff doing in kitchen. Children help and it is loud voice to return and "thank you for the delicious meal!" is really glad of voice okaketekurerunohaga.

We report "large serving, regular, a bit" for ourselves and try for eating up and want to work hard at food loss.
A certain primary schoolchild wrote child restaurant to composition of school the other day. "We ate all and rice and were delicious. In addition, saying we want to go. He/she brought composition that comment, "we thought that teacher wanted to perform." was attached to to me from teacher for that. This is our decoration!

Conversation and smile that we play a game to ice of dessert after a meal, and there is also many

Today's menu is spaghetti with meat sauce and salad, corn potage soup. Pasta is cut to half length so that even small child is easy to eat, is ice cream with topping of strawberry after a meal! When the staff held baby in the arm, and flower was displayed on table, it was devised to be able to spend relaxedly, and it was eaten while mother, fathers talked happily. Child enjoys game and drawing, and age is healed by smile of child…Led by local child, it is wish of Yanase that interchange beyond generation becomes active more and yet more.

Among ingredients of this day, Spaghetti macaroni is present from Gunma. Present from sending flower displayed on table every time. With thing that we are thankful for, we thank. It is Yanase in this.

We introduce vaunted approach!

Participation needs subscribing (free) and advance reservations. In addition, as for the child, my chopsticks bringing and interesting system to pull maid 100 yen by doing are established. Maid works not compulsion voluntarily, and we helped what to "help ticket" last, or the system is such that we fill out.

Not only "we pay money and eat rice, but also want you to experience comfort of society participating, and even child contributing. Saying half or more children work positively; Yanase.
In soft tone of Yanase to tell, "we think that what a lot of wanting to do it repeated and discussions of the staff one by one faithfully though there was and continued was important." with smile, we were able to take in "strong thought".


"It is delicious so as to want to have a refill!" Rice which a lot of smiles eat together is very delicious.
As "I go, you will go together, too!" Such; seem to be lighthearted, and please participate.
In addition, when volunteer of restaurant is not good at cooking…Person thinking of this comes, but not at all. For activity as NPO corporation, there are various roles including the making of with local person of relationships and chattering with participant. There are smile of child and encounter with friend with the same purpose here. Let's move into action together by all means.

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