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On coverage report Komaoka hill about local approach child restaurant [Komaoka, Tsurumi-ku]

Last update date March 13, 2020

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On Komaoka hill child restaurant [Komaoka, Tsurumi-ku]
Publication day 2018.10.30

When we knew child restaurant, we felt intuitionally saying "it is this!"

Is held twice a month in Komaoka district center; called at Shichita of director in story in "child restaurant on Komaoka hill".
When there was task to utilize district center more effectively, and to want to stimulate local contribution, it was a chance to begin child dining room we knew child dining room in news of TV by chance, and to have felt intuitionally saying "it is this!".
We are engaged earnestly in inquiry and seminar participation in administration from there. Advanced by preparations for establishment including explanation to Neighborhood Association and Neighborhood Associations and recruitment of volunteer staff, and OPEN did "child dining room on Komaoka hill" in April, 2016.

We are the gladdest that we see smile of child and development!

We thought that there was much various difficulty, but Director Shichita spoke daily being glad and pleasant episodes with wonderful smile.
"It was delicious!" That which says this, and comes again is the gladdest. We could see child and growth of parent and child that continued, and feeling was connected! There are a lot of scenes to think of to be in this.

Ingredients which are fresh, and are safe from local and school which by announcing on homepage and Facebook from early time, approve of this approach seem to gather a lot.
Kahn Burk that all love main dish of the day. Vice-greens and dessert are full of color that there is, too. We heard that there were sukiyaki or steak at the time of luxurious menu and were surprised.
As for the volunteer person, it was played an active part in high school student and housewife, expression full of life not to consider including retired quickly.

In the house, visit is prohibition?

There seems to be many notification of application of visit including person who wants to begin similar approach and student studying child dining room at school, but "only visit" prohibits. "It is not good only by seeing! Saying participate as volunteer, and want to eat rice with coming person, and to experience; Shichita. We were able to take in hot thought of Director Shichita.

Warm noren in entrance of restaurant and signboard of Thor paint, menu list are all handicrafts of volunteer. When this signboard reused Go version and cutting board which we did not use in hall, you told and were surprised very much.


Anyway, please come to "child restaurant to eat rice on Komaoka hill".
Let alone child and old man eating rice alone, it is delicious when we eat rice together.

When father, mother who are busy with work came here, apart from housework, please spend relaxed time with child. As toy prepares in venue, please play with child after meals.

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