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Place to stay of local child

Last update date March 13, 2020

Place to stay of local child

What's New

2018.11.12There was notice from Kanagawa about norovirus food poisoning caution information (PDF: 762KB)
2018.9.1Approach setups in "the making of place to stay support experimental project of child in Yokohama-shi area" started subscription for support subsidies [object: Isogo Ward, Kohoku Ward] in 2018. (offer guidance) (PDF: 764KB) (styles such as applications) (Excel: 130KB)
2018.8.3Announcement of future support fund "the third future support network business" recruitment of children (the outside site)
[application period: on Friday, September 21, 2018 until 17:00] (the outside site)
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2018.7.20Food poisoning warning was announced from Kanagawa. (PDF: 576KB)
2018.7.20"Does the meat discolor properly? Story video of the Campyrobacter food poisoning prevention was made. (the outside site) ※After the left note click, we move to outside video sharing site.
2018.6.30"We mend "child restaurant, local restaurant" in Yokohama! We issued GUIDEBOOK! (the outside site)
2018.6.28There was notice from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare about "common knowledge of matter which should note in promotion of cooperation, cooperation about activity of child restaurant and administration of child restaurant". (PDF: 1,652KB)
2018.6.26To all of you that publication is hoped for to Yokohama-shi "place to stay of local child" WEB site (the outside site)
2018.3.30Seminar for citizens "does place to stay of children hear of us in town? We held voice of children. (PDF: 4,363KB)

Coverage report about local approach

Kitchen umechan [Isogo Ward]
"It wants to be helpful for child!" We heard story from Nakajima of "kitchen umechan" held twice a month in "Shinsugita interchange space" adjacent to Shinsugita community care plaza representative.
(Nakajima) until now local action is it not possible for anything which is useful for child more after school while associated with child in kids club more than ten years? We were thinking about this vaguely....We see more

Raw wheat child restaurant [Namamugi, Tsurumi-ku]
"Feast that pleasant conversation is very happy!" But, it is motto
We heard story from Yanase of "raw wheat child restaurant" held in Namamugi community care plaza twice a month.
(Yanase), for 12 years, ran open space "hanahanahiroba" of gathering of parent and children, and did child care support. There were many relations with non-school children in that and had thought to want to watch growth of the children more....We see more

On Komaoka hill child restaurant [Komaoka, Tsurumi-ku]
When we knew child restaurant, we felt intuitionally saying "it is this!"
Is held twice a month in Komaoka district center; called at Shichita of director in story in "child restaurant on Komaoka hill".
(Shichita) when there was task to utilize district center more effectively, and to want to stimulate local contribution, it was a chance to begin child dining room knew child dining room in news of TV by chance, and to have felt intuitionally saying "is this!"....We see more

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