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Special ticket of bus, subway

Last update date June 30, 2020

About special ticket grants such as bus, subway

Toward Child Raising Allowance receipt household, the mother and the child life support facility entrance household, free special ticket of private bus (except case but we take in the suburbs and to get off), municipal subway, Kanazawa Seaside Line is issued city bus. User is limited to one in household.

※From point of view planning extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we enable procedure by mail for the time being.
Depending on procedure you like, please use grant application (PDF: 190KB) or application for re-issue book (PDF: 185KB). (Child Raising Allowance paper is not the original, and please mail copying (copy)) 
In mail, please consult with Children and Families Support Division of ward to live beforehand by all means.

Thing necessary for procedure

1.Child Raising Allowance paper or location certificate which the mother and the child life support facility director issues
2.Photograph (the upper body, the front, no hat, thing of 3cm in height X 2.4cm in width) of using special ticket


Each ward Children and Families Support Division

WardPhone numberWardPhone number
Tsurumi Ward045-510-1797Kanazawa Ward045-788-7785
Kanagawa Ward045-411-7112Kohoku Ward045-540-2340
Nishi Ward045-320-8468Midori Ward045-930-2332
Naka Ward045-224-8198Aoba Ward045-978-2459
Minami Ward045-341-1148Tsuzuki Ward  045-948-2320
Konan Ward045-847-8410Totsuka Ward045-866-8466
Hodogaya Ward045-334-6297Sakae Ward045-894-8410
Asahi Ward045-954-6151Izumi Ward045-800-2444
Isogo Ward045-750-2415Seya Ward045-367-5760

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Telephone: 045-680-1192

Telephone: 045-680-1192

Fax: 045-641-8424

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