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JR commuting commuter pass discount

Last update date April 1, 2019

When Child Raising Allowance is received, we can purchase commuter pass ticket of JR at 30% discount.

Target person

One that needs JR commuter pass ticket in Child Raising Allowance recipient and one and members of same household
※It is not for commuter pass except commuting.

Application, method for purchase

Please apply to Children and Families Support Division (as for the Seya Ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division) of ward to live.

1.Please perform grant application of "specific person qualification".
<thing necessary for application>
(1)Child Raising Allowance paper (thing in expiration date)
(2)ID photo of person receiving discount
(in photograph of the front upper body who photographed within six months thing of 3cm in height X 2.4cm in width)
(3)Private seal

2.Please perform grant application of "commuter pass purchase certificate for authorized person".
<thing necessary for application>
(1)"The specific person qualification" which was issued with 1 mentioned above
(2)Private seal

※The procedure of 1 and 2 mentioned above is possible at the same time.
※Validity of each certificate
(1)Specific person qualification: It is one year from issue date
(2)Commuter pass purchase certificate for authorized person: It is six months from issue date
(but it cannot be over validity of specific person qualification.)
※When we purchase JR commuting commuter pass after the progress for validity of specific person qualification, application is necessary again.
※Specific person qualification that expiration date expires, please do person of identification qualification recertification by all means by (the end of July) on expiration date of Child Raising Allowance paper in (from August to November) during report of Child Raising Allowance present situation processing period.

3.At window of JR station, you show 1, 2 certificates mentioned above and submit, and please purchase commuter pass.
(1)Specific person qualification (we need exhibition)
(2)Commuter pass purchase certificate (we need submission) for authorized person


About commuter pass
・Window of JR
About grant of certificate
Each ward Children and Families Support Division (as for the Seya Ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division)

WardPhone numberWardPhone number
The west045-320-8468Green045-930-2432
Medium045-224-8198Green leaves045-978-2457
The south045-341-1148Tsuzuki045-948-2320

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