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Child welfare institutions

Last update date April 24, 2019

For elementary school student that nurture except home is necessary for various circumstances, there are the following facilities. All accept consultation in children's guidance office.

Infant home

We keep baby/infant and are facility bringing up. Protector is for short-term entrance when it is unavoidable by childbirth, sickness and wound, nursing.

Elementary school student nursing home

It is facility bringing up elementary school student needing nursing in elementary school student without protector, ill-treated elementary school student, others, environment.

Elementary school student independence support facility

Elementary school student which we do poor act or might do and elementary school student needing living guidance due to the environment top enter and aim at independence.

Child psychology treatment facility

Elementary school student which came to have difficulty in adaptation to social life due to home environment, the friends and acquaintances or other environmental tops in school is facility doing tsusho from under entrance or protector for treatment for a short term (almost around two years).

Family home (small house type elementary school student nurture business)

The staff having expertise and experience at a certain general house in area brings up elementary school student which is not blessed with home environments in a small number of people system. We have both specialized nurture functions that homey atmosphere and facility which foster parent has have.

Independence support home (elementary school student independence life support business)

When support is necessary, after compulsory education , various consultation to become independent while instructor lives together helps about elementary school student which leaves elementary school student nursing homes, and finds a job.

The mother and the child life support facility

When we need support in bringing up elementary school student from various circumstances in single-female-parent household needing elementary school student under 18, we enter and aim at independence while receiving support of member of specialist job.

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