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Consultation contents in children's guidance office

Last update date August 3, 2018

Let's keep happiness of children by our hand

■Consultation about [problem of nurture, delinquency, obstacle, truancy, character and action] of child

Consultation contents

"Consultation about nurture of child"

  • A lot of what we do not understand by the first child care.
  • As there is not person to talk with close, it is uneasy.
  • Person taking care of child for sudden disease is not found.
  • When raise just just hand; repetition of regret.
  • In this situation, we seem to suffer from neurosis.

nado, general consultation about nurture of child.

"Consultation about delinquency"

  • We stayed out without permission and came to use violence when careful.
  • It became repeated to bring thing of shop without paying money.

Consultation about problem actions such as nado, bad friend or abuse of drug. Specifically, it is the following thing.

・Theft, money and goods carrying out, disappearance from home and staying out
・Defectiveness friend, sexual delinquency, drug common use
・Blackmail and bullying in assault, arson, group

"Consultation about obstacle"

  • Words seem to be slow, do we do not have to worry? We want you to introduce specialized engine.

Various impaired children and consultation to family including nado, physical obstacle and intellectual obstacle.

"Consultation about truancy"

  • When it is time to go out in the morning, complain of pain of stomach, and is absent from school, in this situation, is worry.
  • Not only we could not attend school, but also were not able to appear outside house either.

Consultation about nadono truancy. Cause is various even if we say truancy to a mouthful. Problem and delinquency, bullying of nursing may be related.

"Consultation about problem of character and action"

  • We are at a loss in selfishness and rebellious manner.

Consultation about problem of nadono character and action. It becomes problem in childcare well. Big problem may hide behind in the rear, and early correspondence is effective. Specifically, there is the following thing.

・Domestic violence, bed-wetting, Thich (unnatural habit)
・There is not group maladaptive calm and is hyperkinetic
・Stop-at-home, kammoku (we do not talk at schools

"Other consultation"

  • We become foster parent and want to bring up child.
  • Thing about health instruction


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