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About examination of Yokohama-shi newborn baby hearing business

Last update date April 20, 2020

 In Yokohama-shi, we will start public expenditure about a part of expense to suffer from newborn baby hearing inspection to receive for the first time targeting at babies born after July 1, 2018

With examination of newborn baby hearing

 It is screening (sorting) inspection to carry out during hospitalization after childbirth to discover abnormality of hearing. While baby is sleeping by security that pain grieves at, we can inspect and are over in a short time.
 Baby having problem with hearing (hearing) of ear by nature is said to be 1-2 of 1,000, but while it is early, we discover abnormality, and it is revealed that by receiving appropriate treatment and support, influence on development of words is minimized. There are two kinds of AABR (automatic auditory brainstem response) and OAE (ear sound emission for screening), but inspection can have you receive in peace as both were made for newborn baby hearing screening. As laboratory procedure varies according to examined medical institutions, according to instructions of medical institution, we will receive positively.

Supporting target inspection

Examination of newborn baby hearing using AABR which we received for the first time during 60 days after birth or OAE

Eligible people

In babies born after July 1, 2018, it is next fulfilling either

  1. Baby whom mother with resident certificate delivered in Yokohama-shi as of day to be examined
  2. It is baby with resident certificate in Yokohama-shi as of day to be examined

Supporting sum for laboratory cost

  • AABR: 3,000 yen/ (the upper limit)
  • OAE: 1,500 yen/ (the upper limit)

The supporting number of times

For one baby only as for once

Supporting how to take

・We issue "auxiliary ticket for newborn baby hearing laboratory cost" at the time of grant of mother and child health handbook together. Please submit to medical institution after having filled in required items on the auxiliary ticket when we receive examination of newborn baby hearing for the first time. As supporting sum is deducted at the time of payment for laboratory cost, please pay the balance.
・As person having mother and child health handbook already hands auxiliary ticket with medical institution to deliver as of July 1, 2018, please refer to medical institution.

Cooperating Medical Institutions

As for the medical institution which can use auxiliary ticket, please see list of Cooperating Medical Institutions.

About the furtherance application for laboratory cost

When we go home and give birth and are examined with Yokohama-shi and medical institution which we do not contract, we cannot use auxiliary ticket.
About cost of testing that was not able to use auxiliary ticket, we support.

Application documents

  1. The furtherance application (PDF: 224KB) for Yokohama-shi newborn baby hearing laboratory cost
  2. Receipt (copy) for laboratory cost that we paid our own in full
  • When cost of testing is included in childbirth expense, please attach copy of the receipt.
  • When "medical expenses statement" which breakdown of childbirth expense was listed in is issued, please attach in addition
  1. Auxiliary ticket for unused newborn baby hearing laboratory cost
  • Mother and child health handbook is issued before July 1, 2018, and examined person is not necessary for medical institution of the suburbs.
  1. Page (copy) of "cover" of mother and child health handbook and "record of (baby/infant) inspection"
  2. Bankbook getting account information of transfer or bank card (copy)
  3. Resident certificate (only when we are examined when there is resident certificate in Yokohama-shi and we are transferred afterwards outside Yokohama-shi and do the furtherance application) of transference

Deadline for application

Day when gave birth as the first day less than one year (must arrive)
(when we, e.g., deliver on July 1, 2018, June 30, 2019 becomes deadline for application.)

Application documents mailing address

〒231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Examination of Child and Youth Bureau child family section newborn baby hearing charge

Attention at the time of application

  1. I cannot return submitted application documents
  2. As we do not inform of application documents having arrived, we recommend mail by simple registered mail and specific record.
  3. This subsidy program is system when we were not able to use auxiliary ticket with medical institution. The furtherance is not intended for copayment which occurred in case using auxiliary ticket.
  4. When we do not receive examination of newborn baby hearing, we cannot realize unused auxiliary ticket.


  • We cannot reissue auxiliary ticket by loss.
  • When we are transferred outside Yokohama-shi, we cannot use auxiliary ticket.

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