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Do you not become "foster parent", too? - foster-parent system is system for child―

Last update date April 6, 2020

"Foster-parent system" receives children who cannot live at home as member of family and is "system for child" bringing up in warm love and homey atmosphere.
In Yokohama-shi, biological parent and children who cannot live promote foster parent trust that each one is respected in homey atmosphere and lives a life.

In Yokohama-shi, it recruits "a great variety of foster parents" depending on the situation of child!

   For "child, may you not do it?"
 For example
 ・We keep until protector becomes able to bring up infants.
 ・About junior and senior high school students who cannot live in home, we spend time together at home for several years until independence.
 Trust period varies until long-term nurture ten years from a few days or more. Do you not start with being able to do it?

About foster-parent system and the current situation of Yokohama-shi

 With foster-parent system
 Foster-parent system briefing session
 Yokohama port family enlightenment lecture (finished)
 Announcement of foster-parent system enlightenment event (finished)
 Foster parent support
 Foster-parent system Q&A
 Foster-parent system Web picture book (the outside site)
 Recruitment of foster parent training trust companies 


Please consult with children's guidance office having jurisdiction over ward to live about inquiry about foster-parent system!

○Central children's guidance office (in Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Nishi Ward, Minami Ward, Naka Ward house ino)
3-44-2, Urafunecho, Minami-ku TEL: 260-6510 FAX: 262-4155

○Western children's guidance office (in Hodogaya Ward, Asahi Ward, Seya Ward, Izumi Ward house ino)
5-10, Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku TEL: 331-5471 FAX: 333-6082

○Southern children's guidance office (in Isogo Ward, Konan Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward house ino)
3-18-29, Yokoudai, Isogo-ku TEL: 831-4735 FAX: 833-9828

○Northern children's guidance office (in Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward   house ino)
32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku TEL: 948-2441 FAX: 948-2452

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Telephone: 045-671-2394

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