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To pregnant women [new coronavirus infectious disease measures]

Last update date June 12, 2020

About influence on pregnancy

At present, it is said that progress and disease severity are the same as which is not pregnant even if infected with new coronavirus late in the pregnancy.
Viral infection case of fetus is reported abroad, but there is no report to be easy to cause abnormality and stillbirth, miscarriage of fetus.
We do not have to worry to be excessive during the pregnancy.

About the everyday infection prevention

Generally, it is said that we compare when we are not pregnant and may be aggravated when [pneumonia] is caused during the pregnancy.
Therefore you keep the everyday infection prevention in mind, and please take care of yourself.

  • Thorough hand-washing (hand-washing that we use soap)
  • We avoid 3 dense (bad sealing space of ① ventilation, place where people from ② crowd, closeness to become conversation and utterance in ③ short distance)
  • Mask wearing when going out
  • Enough sleep

About pregnant woman medical examination

Pregnant woman medical examination is very important for health of pregnant woman and fetus. Please talk with family obstetricians well without judging by yourself at interval of the number of times and consultation as there is consultation space recommended by numbers in health condition of pregnant woman, the pregnancy week.

When there is heat generation

  • When there is one of the strong symptoms such as suffocation (dyspnea), strong tiredness (lassitude), high heat
  • When, in (※) which is easy to be aggravated, there is symptom of a relatively light cold such as fever or a cough
  • When, other than the above, symptom of a relatively light cold such as fever or a cough continues

※Immunosuppressive drug undergoing and dialysis with underlying disease and diabetes, heart failure, respiratory illness (COPD) which we use anticancer agents for

When we correspond to either mentioned above, please consult with [returnee, contact consultation center] immediately.

About consultation counter for pregnant women

Even each ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division performs consultation correspondence by obstetrical teacher and health nurse. (weekdays Hours 8:45-17:00)
Each ward Phone number is this

About mother (parents) classroom in each ward

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we are reopening at any time now about mother (parents) classroom in each stopped ward Health and Welfare Center.

We introduce materials and video using in mother (parents) lesson made in ward Health and Welfare Center. (we fly to homepage of each ward from link.)

Please refer to Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division of ward to live for the held situation of mother (parents) classroom.

Working pregnant woman

Working pregnant woman may have big anxiety and stress about infection depending on work contents of the workplace. Based on your physical condition, please consult about inflection of time difference commuting and telework, the acquisition of vacation with the office.

Motherly health care measures (from May 7, 2020 to January 31, 2021) based on The Equal Employment Opportunity Law Article 13

Pregnant workwoman receives health instruction and Health Checkups and may receive judgment, instruction from family doctor and obstetrical teacher when "anxiety and stress about new coronavirus infectious disease influence maternal or fetal health by work contents of the workplace".
When working pregnant woman offers the instruction content to business owner based on that, business owner must take necessary measures based on this instruction.
As there is what's called "bokenrengarami card" about instruction from family doctor to convey the instruction matter precisely, by having you write this in family doctor, may receive appropriate measures.

For details, it is Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage: This (the outside site)

About information to pregnant woman

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