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3.Toward circumference (area)

Last update date March 6, 2019

Yokohama-shi child abuse prevention character "cappie"

Please notice.

"o is fine!"
"Such time moaruyone ..."
Slight conversation and smile, consideration of the circumference lighten feeling of protector (parent), and they may let you relieve.
Childcare is not possible alone. Let's enlarge such an area that is anxious about local child, and supports child care.

Such "children" and "protectors" (parent) are worried.

―State of child―

  • We hear voice that crying and protector (parent) always shout at
  • We have injury that cause does not become clear
  • We do not want to go home
  • Always hungry
  • Clothes and body are always dirty
  • Expression is poor, and there are not spirit


―State of protector (parent)―

  • We give an unnatural explanation about injury of child
  • Change of feeling gives physical punishment immediately intensely
  • Nurture manner is severe excessively
  • We stand alone from relative and neighborhood, area


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