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2.Why will you abuse?

Last update date March 6, 2019

Abuse to child may begin with anxiety of child care.
... which various stress is a chance, and leads to abuse.
That is not at all special thing. (including sexual abuse it may not be so.)

Influence of abuse to give to child?

Abuse leaves big wound to heart and body of child.
As for the abuse, there is child thinking, "we are due to oneself" in some cases. In addition, we do not take good care of oneself, and it is said that we have effect such as not being able to make relationship of mutual trust with another person well.

There is adviser. We will talk.

There is not acquaintance near. We can talk with nobody.
Do you not think like that?
"Possibly abuse kana ... in this"
If it seems so, please talk. Let's think together.

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