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1.What kind of thing is "child abuse?"

Last update date March 6, 2019

"Intend to train ..." "... for child."
That it is abuse is not problem of consciousness of side abusing.
We are judged from "situation of child" we feel, and how child is hurt how.

Specifically, in Article 2 of "law (as follows "law") about prevention of child abuse", protector (parent) defines as doing the next act to perform for child (under 18 years old).

Physical abuse (law Article 2 Paragraph 1)

Increase assault that injury produces to body of child

  • Strangle
  • Hit, kick
  • We throw and drop
  • We sprinkle boiling water
  • We force fire of cigarette

Sexual abuse (law Article 2 Paragraph 2)

Doing obscene act to child or letting you do

  • Sex to child
  • Compulsion of sexual act

Neglect (negligence, refusal of protection) (law Article 2 Paragraph 3)

Neglect act to inhibit security and health to disturb the mental and physical normal development of child, custody as protector.

  • We do not give appropriate meal
  • We let you live in extremely dirty environment
  • We shut in in house

Psychological abuse (law Article 2 Paragraph 4)

Perform behavior to give remarkable psychological injury to child

  • Threat by words
  • Ignore
  • Manner to refuse
  • We say that we hurt heart repeatedly
  • We include violence for spouse in front of the child

・・・ these may be performed redundantly.

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