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About stake construction by Asahi-Chemical Construction Materials in Akanedai Junior High School

Last update date September 3, 2018

It was confirmed that facility using ready-made concrete stake like apartment of Tsuzuki Ward   was Akanedai junior high school of Aoba Ward as a result that Asahi-Chemical Construction Materials investigated stake construction that undertook construction among construction that Motoichi placed an order for.

About progress reports

About progress report

We had "report based on Building Standard Act Article 12 Paragraph 5" about Yokohama City Akanedai junior high school on Monday, February 15, 2016.

We report cause investigation and check by third-party organization that became examination, reservation by briefing session held on Sunday, November 1, 2015. Report of examination matter by briefing session is finished at this time. We will ensure the security of building by check in future.

About final report material, please see this.

About February 17, 2016 report "report based on Building Standard Act Article 12 Paragraph 5" (PDF: 132KB)

February 17, 2016 report "advisory after protector briefing session of November 1, 2015" (PDF: 871KB)

About briefing session

We performed briefing session for protector, local all of you in Akanedai Junior High School on Sunday, November 1, 2015.

About materials, please see this.
November 1, 2015 briefing session material (PDF: 3,835KB)
November 1, 2015 report (PDF: 150KB)

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