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News about streaming for learning security during period for temporary closure

Prompt correspondence is demanded above all while the infection situation changes about measures about extension of closure of a school every day in this temporariness. It gets cooperation of e-learning system company for the training of the staff of a school that streaming of class was enabled quickly in Yokohama-shi ahead of other cities, and this is because he/she enabled distribution and streaming of ID by contribution to society for children of Yokohama. The use object increases to about 270,000 city school elementary school student students from about 17,000 staff of a school of Yokohama-shi and we provide the situation notification and we divide site of video into e-learning and class of the staff of a school and plan access dispersion and are coping with city's HP in the situation that access concentrates on newly at the same time while making trial and error for problem to face for the first time every day. We cannot have access that is hard to lead to all of you and are sorry to cause trouble very much, but would appreciate your waiting for a while.

Last update date May 21, 2020


We access login screen of streaming when we click the above.

Please use password without changing. As another person of the same class cannot access when we change, cooperation, please. In addition, we would appreciate your refraining from note of personal information in addition.

Request for viewing time dispersion

I would like cooperation to be able to watch in the following time because access centers if possible.
・It is third grader from 30 ... first grader - 10 at 9:00
・It is sixth grader from 00 ... fourth grader - 12 at 10:30
・It is support school - 17 in particular 00 ... junior high school, high school at 13:00
※At time except the above, all school kinds are available.

Method to watch comfortably

Application (for smartphone) for the exclusive seeing and hearing was not available.
I am sorry to trouble you, but, with PC, smartphone, please watch in online environment.

Environment of the use apparatus

Please confirm environment of terminal of use.

Main inquiry contents

Login screen does not come out Q1 even if we input URL.
A1 changes the small, average in the next URL for congestion reducing particularly about support school. (the outside site)
(high school is URL same as before.)

Search results come out Q2 when we input URL.
It is thought that we input URL into "search bar" A2. We can access login screen when we have you input to "address bar".

I cannot see "address bar" Q3.
The small, average, please access from the right note link particularly about support school A3. (the outside site)
(high school is URL same as before.)

It is for attendance completion Q4 from beginning.
Even if it is attendance completion, A4 can watch. When you cannot watch, please try the following correspondence.
①Attendance start button is located within under screen. You scroll below, and please confirm.
②It is thought that line is crowded. We push attendance start button, and please wait a minute.
③①When you cannot watch even if you have you try ,②, please enter the signature once again again.

Q5 cannot authenticate even if we push signature in button with login screen.
It is input A5 by half size alphanumeric character definitely, or please confirm site ID, login ID, password again.
Still please ask staff of a school upbringing section (045-411-0515) when you cannot log in.
※Inquiry Reception hours: 9:00-17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Are subtitles not accompanied by Q6?
A6 releases subtitles sequentially. Please refer to the chart below for the seeing and hearing method of video with subtitles.

Subtitles indication method

When we use in siblings, what should Q7 do?
Please log in in ID of applicable school year, group again after getting out of the signature like the chart below once as A7 cannot display at the same time.

Signature out figure
About signature out figure

Television transmission of learning video

We will broadcast some videos in tvk sub channel (032) to get cooperation of tvk (Television Kanagawa), and to be able to watch video to more elementary school student students. In this way, with or without the Internet environment, you became able to watch learning video on TV.
We are going to broadcast: It is Friday, May 22 from Monday, May 18. It is Friday, May 29 from Monday, May 25. 
Program name: It is Let`s study on TV (the outside site)

Two-dimensional cord

The way of seeing and hearing of subchannel is this → (the outside site)
In addition, it is just in Channel Four because we can choose subchannel while we broadcast even if we push upper button from 3 channels now. Please wait until broadcast begins. There is reserving for recording from program of TV.

※About consent of copyright of textbook, it should be learning streaming, that we broadcast on TV for the purpose of elementary school student student of Motoichi using about textbook adopted in Yokohama-shi.
※You can see picture-story show of Yokohama from homepage of library →

Program Friday

25th program

26th program

27th program

28th program

29th program

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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