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Administrative dissatisfaction examination system related information

Last update date January 4, 2019

About administrative dissatisfaction examination system

When right benefit of nation (citizen) is violated by disposal by administrative agency, administrative dissatisfaction examination system plans the relief quick temporarily under the fair procedure and is system to find appropriate administration of administration.
For the trial method, simple quick procedure to assume document examination basics is adopted, and administration which was familiar with administration performs judgment. In addition, object of trial extends to not only illegality of disposal of administrative agency but also our injustice (whether it is not illegal, but it is suitable judging from purpose and purpose of system).
As general law about these administrative dissatisfaction examination system, Administrative Appeal Law (2014 law No. 68) is established.
About summaries of Administrative Appeal Law, please see homepage of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

About flows from request to decision

About standard trial period

During standard trial period (standard period when you should usually need before you do decision for the query concerned after query arrived at the office) of Administrative Appeal Law Article 16, it is said that it is as follows. (※)

Standard trial period (Administrative Appeal Law Article 16)
Thing about query for Board of Education Five months
Thing about query for the superintendent of education Four months

In addition, it may fluctuate by contents of equal query during trial period because it is indication of trial period during standard trial period when there is statement of oral opinion statement.
※Query about disposal based on the regulations (the first in February, 2000 Yokohama-shi regulations) about exhibition of information that Yokohama-shi holds and the regulations (February, 2005 Yokohama-shi regulations No. 6) about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information is excluded.

About fee

When you want to receive grants such as copies of dossiers from members of trial and Yokohama-shi administration dissatisfaction examination committee, please pay the following fee (Yokohama-shi administration dissatisfaction examination regulations (PDF: in 709KB) (December, 2015 Yokohama-shi bylaw No. 71) Article 2). In addition, reading is free.

About fee
To A3 (one piece) Monochrome 10 yen, color 50 yen
Size (one piece) more than A3 The amount of actual expenses equivalency

※Pay fee by economic difficulties or other special reasons; when is admitted that is without means, fee is remitted (regulations Article 3).

About member of trial

The handling of query situation

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