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Recruitment of open space new administrative bodies essential point of gathering of parent and children

Last update date June 15, 2020

About open space business new administrative body application of gathering of parent and children

From June 22, 2020 to July 31 :Individual briefing session holding
From August 3 to August 31: Reception desk period of application

Offer essential point

One set of offer essential point (PDF: 973KB)

Question vote

Question about business, please use this question vote according to fate of offer essential point.
It is from Monday, August 3, 2020 to Thursday, August 13 during reception desk period of question.
[attached sheet 2] Question vote (word: 21KB)
Reference: 2019 question answer (PDF: 196KB)

Recruitment of new administrative bodies essential point

Offer essential point (PDF: 276KB)

Offer prediction areas

[attached sheet 1] List of open space offer prediction areases of gathering of parent and children (PDF: 59KB)

Administrative body choice application

As several seats (9 seats in total) enter, please be careful.
[attached sheet 3] Administrative body choice application (Excel: 67KB)
[attached 1] Application group contact information (Excel: 12KB)

Subsidy grant summary, rule

[attached sheet 4] Open space business subsidy grant summary (PDF: 612KB) of gathering of Yokohama-shi parent and children
[attached sheet 5] Rule (PDF: 360KB) about grants such as Yokohama-shi subsidies

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