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Last update date June 25, 2020

[important] About the reopening of business accompanied with emergency declaration cancellation having new coronavirus infectious disease

We receive emergency declaration cancellation and restart administration of child care supporter business.

But correspondence, "avoiding 3 dense" (crowd, secret room, closeness) "takes social distance,"
"It limits the number of the use groups" along "new lifestyle" that country shows in the reopening of open space as it is followed
As it becomes resumption that we take preventive measures against infection spread shown below, we hope that we can have understanding and cooperation.

As you reopen sequentially from facility where you were ready for preventive measures against infection spread after June 1 on resumption day, please refer to each ward office Children and Families Support Division.

Oh, it is request to user
 ・When we run a fever to protector, child, family (37.5 degrees Celsius or more), and there are respiratory symptom and poor physical condition such as a cough, sneezing, mucus, please refrain from the use.
 ・Before the use of open space, we would appreciate your washing our hands using soap by all means.
 ・According to a cough etiquette, I would like correspondence such as wearing mask.

Measures of prevention of i infection spread
 ・It limits the admission number of people to place to stay to avoid "three are dense" in each facility.
  Therefore, depending on the admission number of people of the day, I may decline the use.
 ・The facility performs ventilation, sterilization regularly. (we may arrange the use downtime of place to stay for disinfection in facility)
 ・For prevention of infection spread, we assume cancellation in cafe corner of each facility, time for eating and drinking.
  Please refrain from eating and drinking except hydration.

What kind of person is "child care supporter?"

That thinking about feeling uneasy by child care, thing troubled with together is "child care supporter". "Child care supporter" is senior mom of child care having various brains about child care of child of infants.
"Method of discipline" "How to give toys" Or we think about feeling uneasy by child care including "we want to begin group activity of child care", thing troubled with together.

Venue, held day, time

It is the room where infants can play safely in use of citizen facilities.
Venue is free to do comings and goings during holding time.
Please confirm venue of each ward than the following.
Aoba Ward
Asahi Ward
Izumi Ward
Isogo Ward
Kanagawa Ward
Kanazawa Ward
Konan Ward
Kohoku Ward
Sakae Ward
Seya Ward
Tsuzuki Ward  
Tsurumi Ward
Totsuka Ward
Naka Ward
Nishi Ward
Hodogaya Ward
Midori Ward
Minami Ward

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