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Baby/infant, infant

Last update date May 25, 2020


Children's guidance office (the outside site)

≫Child abuse hot line >> child home, support consultation >> telephone elementary school student counselor's office

≫Child care consultation by child care supporter
What kind of person is "child care supporter?" /
List of consultation places (the outside site)
Garden, facility opening (consultation) of nursery school


≫Child Allowance

Infants medical examination four months child Health Checkups
Infants medical examination 1 year, 6 months old child Health Checkups
Infants medical examination 3 years old child Health Checkups
Medical institution Check ups for Infants and Toddlers
The seeing and hearing health check-up
Vaccinations (Health and Social Welfare Bureau page)
Child health information building (the outside site)
Infants Dentistry consultation

Foster-parent system
≫Temporary protection of elementary school student

Home visit by obstetrical teacher, health nurse

Yokohama child care support system
Infants temporary custody business

≫Private kindergarten entering encouragement subsidy >> private nursery school custody childcare business
koiku teribuin << rent assistance lease house with >> (Housing and Architecture Bureau homepage)


Area child care support base
Open space of gathering of parent and children
Private nursery school is true child open space
Garden, facility opening (consultation) of nursery school
≫List of nursery schools
List of kindergartens


Information corner
Yokohama child care information spot, "you know"

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