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Yokohama-shi child, young people's support meeting

Last update date August 1, 2018

Young people who social, need support that there is not of place to stay increase without working while the whole young people's employment environment turns worse remarkably even if stop-at-home or "NEET" want to work.

In addition, in late years they use violence in late-night loitering and school, and they are weak in communication, and pubertal children taking problem action increase.

"Child, young man upbringing support promotion law" that various engines made use of specialty to deal with problem that such young people and children had, and set the network formation to support that accepted mental and physical state for stages of development of child, young man was enforced on April 1, 2010. 

We developed various measures and business not to see example for upbringing, support of young people and children having difficulties in the whole country in running such a social life in Motoichi.

Therefore we install "child, young man support area meeting" set by "child, young people's upbringing support promotion law" (Yokohama-shi child, young people's support meeting) for the first time with it is ordinance-designated city and stand in child who is the person concerned and young people's glance and review past measure and business and it is made with structure of comprehensive support and works.

Main approach of "Yokohama-shi child, young people's support meeting"

1.Review and policy proposal of child, young people's upbringing support measure by the person concerned glance

We take glance of child, young man with difficulty to receive support and as investigation considers, proposes existing frame review, new measure and business. 

2.The making of structure of comprehensive support by cooperation of NPO, company, well-informed person and administration

We support child, child, young man holding difficulties in cooperation with many NPO and companies, well-informed people and administrations inside and outside the city working on young people's upbringing support comprehensively in the whole society and build structure to push forward child and young people's society participation.

3.Upbringing, support of human resources taking young people's support and group

Depending on stages of development and mental and physical state, we examine know-how to support to (Yokohama model carrier ladder) of accompanying while snuggling up to each person's child and young man, and upbringing supports human resources (group) carrying that.

◆Yokohama-shi child, young people's fact-finding/civic life fact-finding (2017)

We carried out the second and "Yokohama-shi child, young man fact-finding" that it was in since 2012 to grasp needs of child, young man who held the young people's actual situation and difficulty of Motoichi. In addition, we put together and carried out "Yokohama-shi child, young people's fact-finding" and "civic life fact-finding" of the contents. It inflects as basic material when we examine future measure. (March 28, 2018)
※About "civic life fact-finding", Health and Social Welfare Bureau is carried out

○ Press release material (PDF: 466KB)
○ Result summary (PDF: 858KB)
○ Yokohama-shi child, young people's fact-finding (report) (PDF: 3,922KB)
※We revised a part of the report.

◆2015 Yokohama-shi child, young people's support meeting approach contents

Under the theme of environment creation which can step forward to steppe for independence in area, we have opinion without young people and protector with difficulties standing alone, and setting runs for the purpose of letting measure reflect.

・Advice for child young man support measure of Motoichi
・Advice for examination, local support experimental project of young man assistance measures utilizing local human resources
・Development of local use plaza area liaison meeting

○ Committee member list (PDF: 99KB)

◆2013 Yokohama-shi child, young people's support meeting approach contents

We installed two sectional meetings after having confirmed directionality of the future young people measure based on fact-finding that we carried out in meeting opinion suggestion, 2012 of 2011 and performed discussion about child, young man upbringing support.

・We exchanged opinions about the ways of enlightenment course for healthy upbringing by healthy upbringing sectional meeting in puberty in the Internet society in puberty.
・We exchanged opinions about technique and effect, problem while we were introduced to various approaches by each committee member there was what in example that young man who held difficulties for approach that various main constituents of community performed about the way of participation in planning to society of young man with difficulties participated in, or it was independent, and how the young man could make approach to be concerned with with young people's independence support sectional meeting for suggestion, plan, administration of local action.

○ Committee member list (PDF: 135KB)

◆2012 Yokohama-shi child, young people's support meeting approach contents

・We carry out the life actual situation and consciousness and needs of child, young man, fact-finding about problem and we analyze result and inspect
・In measures suggested in statement of position (H24.1), it is discussion about inspection of thing carrying out model this year and development of the future young people measure

○ Committee member list (PDF: 78KB)

◆Yokohama-shi child, young people's fact-finding (2012)

We carried out "Yokohama-shi child, young man fact-finding" to grasp needs of child, young man who held the young people's actual situation and difficulty of Motoichi. We utilize findings as future child, basic material when we examine young people's upbringing support measure. (March 26, 2013)

○ Press release material (PDF: 316KB)
○ Result summary (PDF: 620KB)
○ Yokohama-shi child, young people's fact-finding (report) (PDF: 2,390KB)
○ About hearing findings in report attachment material support engine (PDF: 1,078KB)

◆Opinion suggestion (2011) by Yokohama-shi child, young people's support meeting

Child, directionality and opinion suggestion about concrete measure and business that related organizations, group, area about young people's upbringing support should work on reported "new approach ... of ... child, young man support to send from Yokohama for the future" commencing with administration. (January 21, 2012)

○ Opinion suggestion report (PDF: 1,186KB)

※In Yokohama-shi, we will examine concrete measure and business based on opinion suggestion that we had in future.

Please see this about young people's support meeting holding contents Yokohama-shi child in 2011. (the outside site)

Please see this about young people's support meeting holding contents Yokohama-shi child in 2010. (the outside site)

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