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About Yokohama-shi child, young people's fact-finding and civic life fact-finding

Last update date June 26, 2020

We carried out the second and "Yokohama-shi child, young man fact-finding" that it was in since 2012 to grasp needs of young man who had the actual situation and difficulty of child, young man of Motoichi in 2017.
It inflects as basic material when we examine future measure.
In addition, in late years Health and Social Welfare Bureau carried out "Yokohama-shi child, young man field survey" and "civic life field survey" of the contents targeting at citizens from 40 years old to 64 years old based on social interest for becoming having been increasing prolongation and older age of stop-at-home.

Investigation summary


Basic numerical grasp (the number of people with the number of the stop-at-home, various risks)
Citizen's current living condition, being usually thinking, trouble, problem and tendency analysis of the actual situation that we have

Subjects of survey

Man and woman individual 15 years or older 39 years or younger to live in Yokohama-shi and 40 years old or older 64 years or younger

The number of the specimens

From 15 years old to 39 years old: 3,000 specimens
From 40 years old to 64 years old: 3,000 specimens
We randomly select from Basic Resident Register

Investigation method

Mail distribution, visit collection investigation (investigator collects questionnaire after the mail. Applicants mail and reply)

Investigation time

From July 28, 2017 to November 30, 2017

The number of the effective answers

People from 15 years old to 39 years old: 1,004 (33.5%)
People from 40 years old to 64 years old: 1,327 (44.2%)

Public announcement material

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