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Questionnaire about how to spend junior and senior high school students after school and experience-based activity

Last update date September 25, 2019

Purpose and summary

 In the young people measures of Yokohama-shi, needs and stocktaking of the young people and the protector were not enough about the making of place to stay of junior and senior high school students, opportunity offer of social experience and local participation in planning until now.
 "Questionary survey about young place to stay" that Yokohama use carried out by this questionnaire in the past (2016 conduct. City junior and senior high school students object) and "fact-finding about experience-based activity, social activity of blue boyhood" (2017 conduct. Based on city 20s-60s object), we investigated experience-based activity experience and the influence for the protector with junior and senior high school students some other time and investigated thing which demanded from activity except the actual situation and school of how to spend junior and senior high school students after school and consciousness for place to stay.
 At the same time, the young people think about oneself's way of life through place to stay and offer of experience-based opportunity and add item about the use of "young local action base" installed in six wards of city for the purpose of bringing up power to leave for social participation in planning.
 Thus, we analyzed experience-based activity and young interest interest and will and those correlations and carried out to accumulate the basics data to contribute to the making of base which brought up child, the young people in the whole society.
 In addition, we touch weight in sample and add up to see tendency in population using number that report merged junior high school and high school student to see tendency of all the junior and senior high school students.


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